Monday, November 5, 2012

I helps mama with her schoolworks, and this is how she repays me?!

Maybe you no is knowing this, but my mama is doing graduate schoolings to become a liberryann libertarian liberanianan person who works in the place where people borrows books. Does you remember my amazing cover letter and resume?  You does? Well guess whats: Mama was very busy with a great number of things, and I, Reuben, offered to do one of her school projects for her. And the project was.... my cover letter and resume!

Here is what her professor said about it: "This is a very original and creative fun project! Dogs can play an important role as reading animals to kids." Grade: A.

You're welcome, Mama! I will accept payment in the form of chewies and treats. Eleventy of each, to be precise.

Also you may has noticed that I has had a dogblogging absence lately. I has been very busy protecting the farm and also protecting my house by sleeping vigilantly in it. Because it is easier for me to reach the keyboards when I is in Mama's lap, I prefers to does my bloggings while I is sitting on her. And Mama has been doing other things that no involve me.  Like schoolings and workings and I no even knows what other kind of boring things; what she can find to do that is fun and no includes me?

In fact, there is a plan in the workings that involves leaving me at grandpa man's house while Mama, Daddy and people sister go driving very far away to see my catses cousin Tater Tot! Maybe they also will see Aunt Dana, who is having a wedding to her lovely man-person. Not only is they going to visit a catses, but they is leaving me with GRETCHEN. So again I will has a dogblogging absence, since I no will has the lap I needs to do my best writings.

And why they no brings me? They will be in a downtown hotel for four whole days! They could be bringing me continental breakfastings to the room and letting me pee in the elevator. Instead I will be fighting with Gretchen for space on the couch and will be extremely monitored for potential monster chicken escapades.

Feel free to send any petitions to free me (Reuben) from grandpa man's house for 4 days to:

Reuben's House
North Carolinas

Thank yous for your support, I love you alls.


  1. Peeing in the elevator sounds more fun then sharing the couch
    Benny & Lily

  2. We probably took our girl on her last trip involving Hotels. This year she barked every time someone went by in the hallway. As we were right by the lobby that was a lot of barking....

    So enjoy your stay with grandpa man and feel free to sniff and push Gretchen around on the couch until you get comfy!

    Tanya, mom to Misty the long haired miniature dachshund

  3. Dear Reuben,

    Your person does that too? So does mine! What is wrong with these people!

    When my person goes out, I always check the bottom of her shoes when she comes home to see what she was doing and where she went. Most of the time it was some place boring, so I don't understand why she bothers.

    Sometimes though she goes to the place called "grocery store". This is when she goes hunting and comes home with Meat. And Cheese. And other yummy things. I ask her to take me with her - I could help her hunt! - but she always says "no".

    What is wrong with people? Don't they know how much better life is when they have their Dogs with them?


  4. Oh no...not Gretchen. She's trouble. Don't let her lead you on any chicken scaring operations. You'll get in trouble!

    We think you should be allowed to go to the wedding and your handsome self should be Best Dog!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Doesn't sound good buddy :( But you're welcome to come to my house anytime ;) Gretchen is just a synonym for badness!

    4 whole days is like 4 trillion years... how could they???

  6. FOUR whole days? Oh Reuben, that is almost like forever!

  7. Your life kind of sounds like my life right now, buddy. We gotta straighten our Moms out.

  8. I'll definitely sign a petition to let you pee in the elevator in a downtown hotel :)

  9. That's so pawesome that you helped your Momma get an A! Woohoo!!

  10. It is hard when your people get busy. We will try and send a petition to free you. Lee and Phod

  11. Room service and peeing in the elevator sounds pretty good. Maybe you should try to stow away in one of their suitcases!


  12. Oh Reuben , you are so funny and entertaining !! :D

  13. Oh no, Reuben! I'll work on that petition to free you right away! How dare she do anything that doesn't involve you?

    your pal,

  14. I think you should stand up for your right to be a 'downtown dog'!!
    Go Reuben Go!!



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