Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stranger Danger with the expert: Gretchen

dachshund labrador mix
lyk ongz I is Gretchen!!!!1!111!

Some of you may be familiar with Gretchen, the freakishly long-legged doxador (dachshund-labrador mix) who lives with Grandpa man. She very rudely used to live in MY house, but she kept doing escapings almost every day to gallivant around the neighborhoods with various strangers. One night she slept in another house and she camed home smelling like perfume and cigarettes! That is when Mama and Daddy decided that due to her crazies, she would has a happy out at Grandpa man's farm instead of in our cityish kind of house.

dachshund labrador mix
Ahhh, perfect: Gretchen, eleventy thousand miles away from me.

But does you notice how in the above picture there is a orange string tied to her? We thoughted Gretchen would be able to run free in the wind, doing gallivantings around the woods, eating a mole here and theres. Sadly, her affection for strangers led her to always be at the neighbors houses and/or in the middle of the road, like the extremely bad dog that she is.

dachshunds running
Hey! You comes back here right now, young doglady!

Then the neighbors was all mad, saying "we is calling the dog police on you!" And they no means the fine upstanding kind of dog polices like Sarge. So now she has to stay in the house, with no moles to chase and not even a stranger's car to hop in and go for a ride.

dachshunds sleeping
Her belly has become roundly stout due to her groundings.

Now, I has devised a solution to this problem. All Grandpa man has to does is teach her to sing. Yes that is right, to sing. Some of you may has heard this song "Call Me Maybe." Well, this morning on the way to school me, Mama and Leah made up the perfect song for Gretchen to sing when she is jumping on and/or licking strangers:

Hey, I just met you
And I is crazy
So here's my dog tag
Take me home, please

And all the dogcatchers,
They tries to chase me
So here's my dogtag
Take me home please

In all seriouses, Mama is looking into electronic fence options, like this one she sawed at the store.

stubborn dog electric fence
Stubborn dog? Yes Mama, I think this is the one we needs.

Does any of you has electric fences? Is they cruel and unusual punishings because of how they does shockings? Can you gets a good one for a reasonable price that will cover like five acres? Mama no has a smart for this, it seems....

dachshund labrador mix
ohmydog, pls get me off this string nao!!11!!1!


  1. Only problem we have seen (from a friend) is if the stupid, I mean hard headed, dog finds itself on the OTHER SIDE of the fence, it cannot/won't come back across as it had already had the s&^% shocked out of it on the move over...

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  2. We stay in the backyard that has a great big stockade fence, so our mom knows nothing about in-ground fences:( Hope your peoples figure something out soon for Gretchen!

  3. Poor Gretchen.... I'm sure she is not happy being in the house and on the orange string when outside. She is such a beauty and we all knows it is for her own protection. We gotta keep her safe.

    We no nothing either about those fences but we've always heard that they can not be used on our doxie breed. Butt we don't know if there is any truth to that or not. We hope that you find a solution soon so that Gretchen can be a happy girl once again.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. AHh poor sweet Gretchen. It's hard being a friendly pup in such an unfriendly to pups world.

    I know nothing of the fence but I do know about the collar for one Mis Barks Alot Molly. It works good, keeps the neighbors happy and us in our rental. Oh my! I still feel bad when I have to put it on Mz barky pants tho. :(

    Sarah & le Weens

  5. Naughty Gretchen. The only electric fence I came across was when chasing horses and I got shocked and walked with my head at an odd angle for a while as I did not know what happened. Peeps just laughed. How rude. Good luck finding a solution. I am sure someone across the pond will have a good idea. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh Gretchen you silly girl, don't you know a good thing when you are living it! She must be super-friendly to want to go see all those people. Maybe you could get her a job as a greeter :)
    We don't have electronic fences for dogs here in You-kay, they are illegal but I think they are allowed to have them for farm animals.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. weuben
    Youw kusin Gwetchen is just ovewly fwiendly sounds like she has nasty neighbows though my BFF Lacie and hew Bwuffuws live in Pittsbuwgh and the have an electwonic fence..twouble is, sometimes theiw pawents fowget to put theiw collaws on and then whooosh, off they go, hehehe
    They've had that fence fuwwevew and it doesn't bothew them at doesn't huwt
    theiw bloggie is

    hope this helps
    smoochie kisses

  8. Five acres....we think just a small area of freedom. We've never had one of those, but we knew a dog that did. And he seemed fine.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. we would try anything to keep you at home so you don't get into trouble
    Benny & Lily

  10. My Lady wonders the same thing for Hailey. She would run free. We are working on training. It started with always being on the tie out. Now the tie out that is not tied. Lee hasn't run away on it.

    I hope you find a solution. Run away dogs are not good!

    Happy Friday, Hailey and Zaphod

  11. OK...we are Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny and we've had an electric fence since Scruffy moved in in 2006. His breeders have a lot of land in Ohio and swore by their fence. I never ever thought it would work on terriers, but decided to give it a try. Scruffy was the hardest to train to it. We used the Invisible fence brand...they help you train and keep coming back to make adjustments in the timing of the tones. Mind will hurt if you get zapped. Scruffy, being the first and most pig-headed got zapped a lot before he figured it out. We spent several weeks on leash teaching him to pull BACK into the yard when he heard the beep BEFORE he get zapped. The first time I let him out with deer in the yard unbeknownst to me, he chased them but stopped on a dime at the line. Enter Lacie and Stanny. They never go zapped. They learned the property line from Scruffy and were too smart to go out of it. Invisible Fence has the ability to lay the wire at angles and odd perimeters. You can get much cheaper fences if you are able to go in a circle. I don't think I would fence bigger than I could see. Five acres is a invisible fence doesn't keep animals/wild or domestic from coming ON to the property. You want to keep your dogs safe.

  12. OOPs...wasn't the fence with three terriers has given them the abitlity to run, play and chase to their hearts content. We had some jailbreaks early on when they were just learning. One problem is I walk my dogs and exit through the driveway. We had a bad month when I had to carry all three dogs over the fence line as they refused to walk through it even with collars OFF.

  13. Having trouble with Ipad...sorry...bottom line fence has been great. BUT...we have gotten very complacent with putting electric collars on as the dogs HAD been so good with them. This very weekend, Scruffy took off after I think a woodchuck and was missing for an hour and a half as we frantically searched for him. It was awful. We found him about thirty feet away from the fence line down in a hole where he had been digging the whole time he was missing.

    Bottom line is you have to put the collars on every day (they can't sleep in them) even if you are positive they won't leave. Cuz there is always the chance they will. I know rescues for terriers demand a "real" fence. I would always worry they would dig under or find an open gate....nothing is least when mine bolt out the door I don't worrry they will be down the street. You have to train them to the fence, keep batteries in the collars, keep the fence in good working order and KEEP THE COLLARS ON when they are outside...sorry so long!

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