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  1. Finding your blog today (while looking at dachsund rescue sites) made me laugh so hard, Reuben - you are in a class by yourself!! I'll be looking forward to more of your writings!

  2. Hi Reuben!I'm from Brazil and I love your dogblog.You're really a incredibly lovely and handsome wiener dog !!!Read your post help me improve my english - even knowing that you speak language of dog!!!!I really,really have fun with you!
    P.S I have 4 cats and 3 dogs,none of them so fearless and modest like you!!!

  3. Btw, Reuben, my sister and I think your tails would make a great animated show!

  4. reuben, my man! my name is edgar and i have you in jazzi's christmas gift exchange! can you let me know the kinds of things that you like, and if there are any forbiddens?

    edgar (and his mum)

  5. me again reuben! my momma just found your reply (she's slow) it looks like from jazzi's list that you get gifts for pippen and i get gifts for you and somebuddy else gets gifts for me! momma also wanted me to tell you that we may be a wee bit late, she was far away from home in texas all last week because somebuddy that she and her person loved very much passed away. she just got home verrrry early this morning and i just got back from my grandpeep's myself. but don't worry! we didn't forget about you!

  6. Rueben, it's. Me, Edgar, again. I have gathered everything, but mum does not know your address...can you email her at please? Sheesh, at the rate my mum's going it might just be a valley tines pressie! :P

  7. Oh Reuben! I am sooo ashamed of my momma! your box is sitting on our table, she is the worst rememberer in the world! she says she is going to mail it tomorrow and i will bite her if she does not! the table is too hight for my scottie legs to reach or else i would have done it myself! she's fired! next year i am finding someone to help me mail our box the very first day we find out who we should send it to. so sorry, we feel quite horrible over here :(


  8. Hello!

    My name's Tammy and I'm the Marketing Coordinator at I found your blog through Blog Paws and thought you might be interested in seeing a fun and engaging infographic we've created that focuses on dog safety during the hot summer months:

    If you like the infographic and want to share it with your readers please feel free to do so. The only thing we ask in return is that you link back to in someway from your post.

    Also, definitely let me know if you do decide to post it because we'd be happy to spread the word about your blog by linking to your post from our Facebook page.

    Big Tail Wag!
    Tammy Sexton
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