Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is in a name?

 Today I has news about my new girlfriend. Her name no is Ingrid anymore: it is Gretchen. It has been only less than a week, but already she comes when mama calls "Gretchen!" I no comes when she calls "Reuben!," because I is usually busy sniffing very important things. Actually, Gretchen sometimes no comes when called - like when she runs into the street and rolls over for belly rubs. In the middle of the street. Mama has a confusion over that one. I likes my belly rubs too, especially on the warmness of the front stoop, but the road no is a particular good place for belly rubs.

I has just discovered that there is another Reuben Stroble in the world. He no is a pastry baker from Germany, like he sounds, also he no is a delicious sandwich. He is a police officer from a faraway land called Canadia. Since he no is a pastry baker or a sandwich, I no has a particular interest.

On the other paw, I has excellent skills to be a police dog. I is so large and frightful and scary that I will stop all the crime and make everyone give me belly rubs instead of doing crime. And if they no give me belly rubs, I will bite them with all 11 of my teeth, because that is how many I has. And that is enough teeth to chew a dental chewy stick; it only takes one half hour for me to chews it all. Mama took a video of me chewing my stick yesterday. She says she will put it on the internets soon. In these pictures, you can see what a good job I am doing of attacking the chewy stick. Also, you can see my magnificent tongue.

In other newses, I has a new dog bed and a new monkey chewy! I loves both of them. Do not forget that they are MINE. Gretchen has a new bed and chewy too, but she no has a particular interest in those things. She has enough legs to jump on the couch to sleep, so that is what she does. Since that means more chewies for me, I is ok with it.

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