Friday, September 23, 2011

This is Hatfield. He is an annoying orange kitty.

Today, I has a story to tell. It is a 100% true story that happened yesterday in the living room. It will make you laugh, cry and get rid of your orange kitties.

It began in the kitchen. Hatfield was sleeping in his basket. 

Since everything else in the house is mine, I lets Hatfield have this basket.

When he saw Mama, he looked not too sure about things.

I has a bad feeling about this.

Leah decided to carry him into the living room.

Hatfield thinks he is too dignified for all this. But he no is.

Due to the cuteness of basket kitty, Mama took some pictures.

I no think this is a big deal.
This is not cute at all either.
You can tell how much Hatfield likes this from the look in his eyes. He loves it.
Leah should be giving attentions to me and not to him.

Then Ingrid had a curious and decided to interrupt the photo shoot.

Hatfield has a curious too.

Right here is where you can tell that Hatfield no is pleased with this situation.

Hatfield, I think, has a suspicious.

Ingrid came close to gently sniff the orange beast.


Ingrid now has an afraid of Hatfield.  I now has even more reasons to bark at orange kitties.

The Ends

P.S. Ingrid is fine, she no has blood or anything. Just only a mortal fear of Hatfield.

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