Thursday, September 22, 2011

Very Important Business

I will let you in on a secret, but you must promise to no tell anyone, especially any cats, and even more especially any orange cats. I is a spy and I is always looking for new top secrets. I is like the dog spies in the Cats & Dogs movie, except I has better acting than all those humans combined. 

Kanga thinks I does not know she is following me. But I does know. She no is a good spy.

Secret Agent Reuben was sent to live in this neighborhood to sniff out some new developments. I no has an idea what those developments are, but I take my mission very serious. The orange kitties are also spies, I think, for an evil overlord cat. I has so much drama and intrigue, but you would never know it based on how I appear to be sleeping all the time with my tongue flopping out. Do not be fooled by my clever sleepy disguise! 

I no can give out more information at this time - I no can compromise my very important mission. I had some good progress on my walk today. Ingrid came too, and the longer she is here the longer I think she no is a spy. However, she maybe wants to steal my Chewy, the turtle squeaky one. So I keeps an eye and a tongue on it at all times. What I can tell you is that the tree on the corner is definitely home to some spying activity and I had an extra good pee on it today. I'll check back tomorrow to make sure the tree is still mine.

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