Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Amazing Fire Hydrant

This is a very interesting picture from the last year fair. Mama tells me it is fair time again. Not that I would have a knowing of that, since there no is dogs allowed at the fair. Maybe I will come to the front gate and pee on it. That is what I think of that.

Leah's school class took a trip to the fair last year, I thinks it is called a "kindergarten." This is her lovely teacher, Mrs. Payne, and her friend Ringo, who has a ratblog about his pet rats. They has a gigantic wardrobe and loves to change clothes all the time! I is having my wardrobe soon, because it is fall and I needs to keep warm at all times. That is why I make sure to eat as many foods as I can. It is for insulation.

Can you tell I has good insulation?

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