Saturday, October 1, 2011

I has big adventure news!

Tomorrow morning, the peoples and the dogs is leaving for the beach! Mama no knows if I has beach experience, and I no is telling that secret. She says there is wild horses at a beach called Chinquoteague. I no is afraid! I will bark and bark at any wild horses who tries to steal my chewy. I knows it will be my job to protect the family from any dangerous horses, and so I has an excitement about this trip. Mama says there is lots of different animals on this island, so I has many more creatures to bark at. I will has a lot of work to do there. Since I no has peed on ANYTHING in Chinquoteague yet, I will be very, very busy peeing on Chinquoteague. So I no will has time to update my dogblog until we come home. I is very excited for Beach Adventures, and I will gives all the news about it when we comes home!

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