Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I has been very busy

I has been a very busy wiener dog since returning from our vacation! I had to pee on everything in my neighborhood, again, because it is all mine and other dogs no can has. Also, I has been doing lots of digging and dirt-kicking out at Dad's farm. I no has ever seen a place with softer dirt. I is amazing at digging and kicking it. You know what? At the beach I had many kicks and digs too! There was sand in many various places, although I no has an experience of seeing this "ocean." Some humans decided the shore no was good enough for wiener dogs, so I is not allowed on that particular beach. It is due to the inferior sand, I is sure.

I had many enjoyments taking walks near the beach house, and in the nature woods, with Gretchen and Mama. There was a lot of work to do, since I no had peed on anything there ever before! And I gave a terrible fright, I is sure, to the dog next door. Mama called him Dino Dog:

No need to has a worry, I no hurted him even once.

Here's me kicking the fantastic forest dirt:

Notice how I has kicked up a lot of dirt with my back legs. Also, I has very good form due to my perfectly crouched hindquarters.

Sometimes Leah had to walk not only me, but also me and Gretchen. I think she no has a particular like for that.

I no can imagine why.

I rolled in the grass.

I has a warm belly.
I slept in the sun.

Gretchen was there too.
Mama saw many wildlifes at the beach. All I can say is that those wildlifes are lucky they did not see me, because I is so big and scary. These are the wildlifes I no saw:

Dad says the squirrel has an endangered, and there is only 150 left on the whole world! I say that my tail is more magnificent than this squirrel's tail, or any squirrel's tail. Mama says the wild ponies no came near the humans, which is probably good. If a wild pony saw me, it would run very far away in fear. So would the vulture. And the seagulls (Leah calls them eagles). And the egret. And the sea birds, running back and forth all day long and hardly ever peeing on anything! I think they no has an intelligence.

Oh, and on our last day I went with Gretchen and Daddy to a seafood restaurant on the harbor. There I also had a lot of work to do, because I had to make sure every person who walked by got to hear my impressive barks. It was lunchtime on a very beautiful day, so I was very busy. Daddy no seems to appreciate all my hard work to keep the family safe from dangers. I barked at every single thing that moved, but he kept putting his head in his hands and saying "Sorry folks, I know he is a big mean and scary dachshund," and of course that is true. When Mama and Leah came back from the bookstore, Daddy handed me right over and said "they're all yours now." Mama is so lucky to have me!

I kept hearing people say "hush puppies," but I no paid an attention. Also I think they were conversating about some delicious fried cornmeal that Leah was nomming all up. Also my strong leadership inspired Gretchen to do lots of barks too. Sometimes we can make a good wiener dog team. But mostly I has to bark at her all the time. She no can seem to remember that it's my chewy it's my chewy it's MINE!!! 

So this past week I has of course been very busy peeing throughout the neighborhood and uploading my beach photos. But next time I think I will demand to see the ocean. From what I understands, it has lots of sands nearby that need to be digged up. It is true that a wiener dog's work no is ever done.


  1. I love your blog! I smile every time I see a new one! You are one busy weenie!

    Kim Doherty

  2. For you Kim, I has a big thank-you. It is true, I is a very busy dog. Sometimes I is so busy I no has time to update my dogblog, but I does the best I can.

  3. GruffHello to you! This post made me smile, loved the pictures - especially the one of you sleeping in the sun - reminded me of me sleeping in the sun (except I call it "mental preparation for the Hunt") ha ha! I am very pleased to have met you, looking forward to seeing more of you soon! x


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