Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tonight I is all out of floppy tongue joy

Friends, I no has a lot of good newses today. Mama says we needs to stay positive, so here is one thing: When Mama and Daddy is cooking, I sniffs all around their foots for delicious falling foodstuffs. Always they is falling! Mama and Daddy use many garlicks in their cookings. You know how garlicks has those little skins all over them. They falls to the floor, and that is why I has a new nickname: "Garlic Nose." Always the garlick skins is stuck to my nose after dinners! It is adorable. 

It no is garlicks, but I think my tongue is stuck to my bed now.

But tonight I is having a great sadness. Daddy's daddy is a man they calls "Grandpa." (Actually, we has many grandpas in our family). This Grandpa lives on the farm where sometimes I go and do many, many peeings. Then I curls up and watches TV. Oh, also I eats all of Lizzie's food. But now, I no will be eating Lizzie's food anymore. Grandpa's poodle Lizzie has gone far away to the rainbow bridge. Always she was chasing cars, and not really paying many attentions to how dangerous they is. She gotted too close to the neighbor's truck. And you knows what happened next. Also I is sad for Gretchen; she loved to play with Lizzie. Gretchen does not know yet, but next time she goes to the farm to play she will have a great confusion, and then a great sadness too. 

There is more griefs in the house too. Our good friends at Ringo's Rat Tales is having a very tough time. I no knows all the details, but I does know that they has troubles, and Mama and Daddy is sad for them. My friend Lucy is their dog, and so I will try very very hard to no bark at her, or even pee in her yard. If my family had a sadness, I no would appreciate other dogs barking or peeing in my yard either. Even I no can give Lucy some delicious treats, because they gives her intestinal discomforts. All of us is trying to send happy energies to them. I hopes you has a few extra happy energies to send them too.

So for now I curls up on Mama's lap and has many great ponders about life. I hopes all the sadnesses will pass so I can go back to being my floppy-tongue joyful self, and the humans can be regular selves too.

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