Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I comes back to my dogblog

Lately, too much of my times has been spent doing the Face Books. I has met some very handsome and dignified dogs there. Some is dachshunds, some is not, but they all is good dogs, like me! All the time, except for when we is bad (almost always I is a good dog). 

Sometimes I is posting my ideas and my musings and my beautiful pictures on the Face Books, instead of on my dogblog. I likes to share them with my new friends, and frankly there is SO many dogs on there, they no all has time to read all the different many blogs. But now I is missing Floppy Tongue Joy, so I has made a commitment to spend more of my times working on it. As long as it no cuts into the times for these things:
  • chewing my squeaky chewies
  • vigilantly sleeping
  • cleaning foodstuffs off the kitchen floor
  • peeing on things
  • belly rubs
  • barking at Hatfield
  • bravely standing behind Mama during vacuum activities
  • basement monsters
  • not playing with Gretchen
I spends a lot of time not playing with Gretchen, since always she is wanting to play, and I is simply too dignified for that thing. Oh, another thing is:
  • humping my bed
More to follow on that later. But for now, I leaves you with a lovely picture of Daddy carrying me in my bed: 

Do not think of trying to take my squeaky chewy, for it is MINE.

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