Thursday, January 26, 2012

No works today!

Today I does my happy dance, the one with the wiggly butt, for Mama has had some news. The place she was trying to work at - they says she no can work there, but that she has welcomes to apply for other positions in the future and they keeps her application on file. Whooo-hoo!

Actually, Mama has some frustrations now, and I no wants her to has frustrations. So I is sitting in her lap and typing away on my typewriter. That is something that I can continue to do now that Mama no will be gone a lot! 

I will continue to has lots of time for this!
Okay, sorry, sorry, I know I is supposed to be sad too. But frankly it is quite difficult when this lap is so warm. I is sure many of my furry friends will back me up.

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