Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gretchen on the loose!

Before you is starting to freak out, we has found Gretchen already. But this morning, Mama left the back door open for a minute and Gretchen the doxador decided to has an adventure!

Leah made this beautiful picture, hoping that someone would see it and then call our address. Leah almost is as helpful as me! Mama posted a picture in her Face Books, the book that is for all of our neighborhood. Someone called her about a minute later and said Gretchen was in their backyard! The nice person said that Gretchen jumped right into her car! So me, Leah and Mama hopped in our car and went to go fetch. (Fetching, by the way, no is something I do. If you throws my chewy, I runs over to it and snaps it up with my fearsome tooths and takes it to my very safe place. Because it is MINE!)

So I goes along for the ride, and when we gets there, Gretchen has escaped again! So then we drove down the street and looked and looked. I is such a very helpful dog that I barked and barked at everyone we saw. Mama had to yell "has you seen a dog running around here?" real loud over the sound of my ferocious barks. Here is what I was really saying: "I is a very good dog and no went on an adventure today, but Gretchen is a BAD dog and probably is in many troubles!"

"Like OMG, I iz a very bad dog!!1!!11!"
But soon we came to some nice peoples walking down the street, and there is Gretchen, walking along with them! (Almost I thought I would be an only dog again. Which I must admit, no is a bad idea. All the attentions SHOULD be mine). 

So that is the big news story of my day, and still it is only lunchtime (for humans - not for me, which gives me a great sadness). What the rest of the day holds for me, I wonder? I has no idea, but I does know this: since Gretchen NO IS getting any treats today, probably I will get double treats. So far I likes this day!


  1. oh that is so scary! glad everything turned out ok and everyone is safe! love the picture :)

  2. Wow,

    Gretchen sure was up to some Mischief buddy!! She's lucky there are so many nice people where you live…..

    So happy she was found,

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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