Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I has some news over which I has both bitter and sweet

Truthfully, I eats anything - whether soft or hard, animal or vegetable, bitter or sweet. If it can goes in my mouth, the chances are that I eats it. That is the kind of dog I is! If you was a homeless dog of advanced years before you came to your new home, probably you would eat any kind of things too! But I digest... I mean, digress.

This is me, digressing peanut butter.

Here is the short and (freakishly) long of it: after much considerations, we has all decided it is best for Gretchen to go live on the family farm, out in the countries, with the man they calls "Grandpa."

The decision no was made lightly, for all the humans is loving her, and me and Hatfield also is tolerating her (kind of). After she has escaped through the kitty door for an adventure for the third time this week, we all knows how much she wants to be bounding through the woods on those freakishly long legs, chasing squirrels and visiting all her friends around on the other farms. Here she is a big-city dog, who has to live in the house and takes walks on a leash (she no likes the leash). Even she is not liking the dog park, for there no is any squirrels to chase or thick brush for camoflauges. 

It is rare to gets a photo of her standing still outside.

If we leaves the kitty door open, then Gretchen runs away for an adventure. If we leaves it closed, then Hatfield the orange kitty is sometimes stucked outside in the cold and dark and wet (I no is especially bothered by that, but Mama no likes it for him). 

Hatfield whispers: "Next time I puts YOU out in the rains."

Always Gretchen is trying to make me do very undignified things, like "play" with her. I no is a puppy; I is kind of more like a well-respected magistrate. So I does many growlings and barkings, and then she sits on me, and then I bites her with my fearsome tooth, and the next thing I knows I is at the vet getting another one of my precious tooths pulled out.

Always I keeps an eye on her. Except for when I is sleeping.

Here is another sad thing: The man they calls "Grandpa," his dog Lizzie has just gone to the rainbow bridge to chase all the cars she wants, and none of them can runs her over anymore. This has left him with a great sadness, to be all alone on the farm. He always is loving it when Gretchen does visits, and always she is having many happies to go visit him too. 

And so, to make a (freakishly) long story short, this Sunday we takes Gretchen out to live on the farm. Mama has a great proudness for finally giving Gretchen the trainings to pee only outside (sometimes she has a few accidents though), and also she is doing most of her poops outside too (Gretchen, not Mama. Mama is doing most of hers inside, for some strange reasons). 

Always I goes outside, for I is a good dog!

For as much as Gretchen is basically an annoying little sister who has the gall to has longer legs than me (freakishly long, if I has not mentioned before), she does makes things more interesting around here. So some I will be missing her, and some I will be doing a happy wiggly dance that she is moving out. Lucky me, I gets to visit her on the farm on Sundays too. As long as they has good foodstuffs in the house, that sounds like a good plan to me!

You no can tell ANYONE about the following photos, does you hear me?! I posts them only as a kindness and courtesy to Gretchen, because I is such humble and generous dog.


  1. very generous of you Reuben

  2. Gretchen will be happy at the farm Reuben. We live on a farm, and we love it. We don't even have to wear collars!

  3. Soon we should be getting an update from Grandpa on how she is doing, and tomorrow Daddy and Leah goes out to visit her!


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