Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding some warms in the January colds

Good mornings to all my friends of the furry and less-furry varieties! The big news here in North Carolinas is that it is cold. Mama and Leah always is whining about how there no is any snow. And that gives me a confusion, because for a wiener dog like me, the snows attack my stout, beautiful self from above AND below. So whenever I has a chance, I tries to get my vitamin dees from the sun (though I prefers to get it from cheese. If you has any, please e-mail your street address and I will find it). 

I is nobly sunning myself in the back yards.

I is so comfy and then - BAM! Gretchen rudely licks me.

Here Gretchen tries to make this a picture of her. It no is.

Sometimes I get my suns through the window.

When there no is suns, I use Mama's lap.

Sadly, we has lost my only sweater that fits on my stoutly majestic wiener dog body. All I has now is a sweater that NO FITS. Sweaters for beautiful dogs like me has to come from a special store on the internets, I is thinking. What does you think about one like this? Very handsome! All I is needing now is some monies. There is lots of them in the couch, so probably I will has a new sweater very soon. Even Gretchen can get one too, I guess. I is a very kind and generous dog. Humble too!

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  1. That is a beautiful sweater Reuben!



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