Thursday, January 5, 2012

I defend my territory from felines and octopi

Many interesting adventures has been happening recently. So I has decided to squish them together into a photo essay. I calls it: "Reuben's photo essay." That way you will know it is MINE!!!

Kitty, you seem to has forgotten this is MY yard.

Just sniffing to make sure Gretchen no is a spy.

My tongue is still amazing!

What? No, I would never sleep in a box of new clothes!

Ok,  maybe I did. What do you mean my dog bed is right there?

I attacks this octopus with brave ferocities!

I is very proud of my fearsome tooths. All 9 of them.

 What adventures I will has next? You'll have to come back and see for yourself. I is still working on my "Small Dog's Guide to Braveries," for all the small dogs out there who no is as big and brave as me. Probably I has a new title now: Professor Reuben. I teaches all the basics of self-defense and bark-driven offense. Coming soon!

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