Thursday, June 14, 2012

An award for me?! I has an honored!

Today I has been bestowed with a very noble award by the lovely Lily. It is an award for sunshines, and since I loves to spread sunshines throughout the worlds, and also to bask in it on a warm day too, I humbly accepts this Sunshine Award. 
I'd like to thank the Academy...

The award comes with Rules that I must follow:

  - Answer the 7 questions
     - Pass the award on to 10 furends
        - Let them know they received the award 

So here the questions is: 

1. Favorite number?: Eleventy! How much is eleventy, you asks? It is the amount of time when things is taking too long and I wants them to hurry up. For examples, "Mama, I wants my food in my bowl NOW! This is taking eleventy hours!" 

2. Favorite non-alcholic beverage?: Cereal milk!

3. Facebook or Twitter?: We all knows how I dislikes birds, so of course I no does twitterings. I has many lovely Face Books friends, and I knows that many dogbloggers no is a fan of those Books, but I has found a large and interesting group of all kinds of species who loves animals and fights for animal rights, raises monies for rescues, and shares animals who is looking for forever homes. Also we talks about important issues like peeing on things and pooping in non-designated areas. 

4. Your Passion?: MY CHEWIES!!! Squeaky or non-squeaky, I no has a care! Also my humpy beds, both Red and Blue! (Shhh, don't tell them about each other. One is upstairs and one is downstairs)

5. Favorite Pattern?: I has a pattern. It goes like this: Barking, sleeping, eating, sleeping, belly rubs, sleeping, more barking, more sleeping.

6. Favorite Day of the Week?: Chewsday, of course!

7. Favorite Flower?: Daffodils is my favorite flower to pee on, which I assumes is the real question here. 

Now I passes this award on, hopefully to some dogs who no has received its prestigiousness yet. 

Doxie Rod
Freddie, Malibu and Luna
Mango Man and Dexter
Mitch and Molly
Mona and Weenie
Milly and Shelly
Garth Riley

Thanks again Lily!

Love, Reuben


  1. Thanks Reuben! You deserve your own Reubenesque painting :)

  2. Thank you so much for passing the Sunshine Award onto us, Reuben! You are too sweet! We love daffodils too! Chewsday - hehehe

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Reuben, it is very impressive for you to recieve such an honor!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Thank you! We are so excited! We are making our typist/Mom/wacko woman work on this tomorrow!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  5. Well done Reuben and we are so pleased for you!
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Congratulations Reuben!!! It is well deserved! Reading your blog makes us smile, and that's spreading sunshine.

    And thank you so much! I'm honored to receive such a prestigious and meaningful award! It may be a few days before I will be able to pass it on - I have my staff working on another project right now - but I will definitely pass it on. It was very sweet of you to think of me!

    Your pal,

  7. Wow! That is very interesting. What is eleventy anyway? Sounds like a lot. I am honored you passed this along to me and PeeWee. I will endeavor to get momma to remember to help me post it and pass it along.


  8. congratulations on your award and thanks for passing it off to us. Great answers.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  9. Hi Reuben, I love your answers especially your favourite pattern!


  10. thanks so much reuben!!!! we will have to fill out our answers too - we loved yours, especially the one about twitter. we don't like birds either!! we love being your friend :)

  11. Hi Reuben! We came here via Mango, and I gotta tell ya, we are super impressed with that tongue of yours! I mean I think you would need an extra long snooter to keep that tongue contained! We can't wait to come back and learn more about you!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  12. many thanks a lot reuben!!!! all of us will need to complete the solutions as well -- all of us cherished your own, particularly the main one regarding tweets. all of us can't stand parrots possibly!! all of us adore becoming your own buddy: )#).

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