About my dogblog

I no is exactly sure what Internets is, but I no thinks I can chew on, pee on or lay on them. And those is some of my favorite things. These is my other favorite things: getting belly rubs, rolling in the sun, eating, taking adventure walks and barking at orange kitties. And guarding my Chewy. It’s my chewy it’s my chewy it’s MINE!!!

My mama’s good friend from grade school (and other friends too) really like to hear about my fascinating adventures, which I has mostly every day. Peeing on the lemon balm plant is an adventure! It no matters that I do it every day. I is trying to pee on the whole thing. It’s MINE!!!

Meghan asked my mama to make an adventure blog for me. My own dogblog! It’s MINE!!! But since I can’t chew or pee on it, Mama says I have to trust her that it has an existence. I no understands Internets, but if it leads to more belly rubs, I will does it.
This is my dogblog Floppy Tongue Joy. This picture will explain why.

My majestic tongue.

A really nice photographer found me wandering on a street. I was dirty and thin and had many unwelcome fleas.  I had a mouth infection too; it hurt so bad I no had a bark (now I has a big bark).

Stacey took me home, bathed and fed me and gave me a blue and white snowflake blankie. Don’t touch my blankie it’s MINE!!!
Then she went on a face book. Face books is on the Internets I guess, but since there no is food or chewies in any of those books, I has no particular interest. 

The woman who owns my mama’s favorite vintage store saw Stacey’s post and re-posted it. Post? Is the mail lady here!? Please does an excusing of me; I needs to go bark at her.

Anyway, my mama saw Kit’s post (and Stacey’s pictures of me) and she got an excitement. We has a super-annoying orange catses; Mama got him even before my people sister was born. At first I had an excitement about barking and chasing him every chance I gotted! And I still does.
Hatfield is very suspicious. Here he is getting ready for court.

This is Kanga, our orange catses who went to the rainbow bridge in 2011.
Silly catses
Then on a face book again Mama’s old friend Meghan said I should has my own dogblog to tell all the friends and family about my adventures. I no has an actual age, and I mostly no has tooths, so you might think I no has adventures.

But I does! I love to go to the park and figure out what all other dogs has been through recently. Then I pee on whatever they peed on to let the whole world know that this telephone pole is MINE!!!

My people sister
You may has noticed my majestic Snaggletooth and regal Floppy Tongue. Snaggletooth was just already there, but after mouth surgery (I losted 11 teeth!) I now has 11 9 tooths left. The rest of my mouth no can contain the amazingness of my Floppy Tongue. 

This dogblog will be all about my very interesting adventures, of which I has one almost every day. 

This dogblog exists because of Kit, Stacey, Alison, Meghan and my mama. 

Happy tails!