I is not responsible for any of these things if they happen to you after you read my dogblog:
  • feelings of inferiority
  • scuffles with any of the following: orange cats, cats of other colors, dogs (any), squirrels, possums, or mail carriers
  • increased vigilant napping (when you looks like you is sleeping, but in fact you is listening for danger)
  • impulsively buying a tongue-stretcher on the internets
  • increased digging and/or kicking
  • increased demands for belly rubs
  • inordinate amounts of peeing on things

I takes your safeties very seriously. And none of these events is my fault.


  1. Reuben,

    You're hilarious! But very smart to include this disclaimer. I've been struggling with the urge to buy a tongue-stretcher.


  2. WE just saw that BOL funny Reuben.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. bahahahhahahaha oh my gosh i can't this is too amazing <3


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