A Guide to Braveries for Small Dogs

I wrote a book! You may congradulamate me now. Anyways, it has all kinds of very good advices - for both small dogs and big - on how to be big and brave, like me. 

This is the blurby thing from the back of my book cover:

Through his award-winning blog, “Floppy Tongue Joy,” thousands of people have come to know and love Reuben Stroble the dachshund. Now in his first book he shares his wisdom on barkings, correct sized legs, blue humpy bed and monster chickens. In short, everything you want to know (and probably more than you knew you needed to know) about the inner world of dachshunds. Rescued when he was already an estimated elventy-billion years old, Reuben is an eloquent voice for the joys of senior sorts of rescue dogs.

You can buys it in paperback on Amazon or as an ebook for Kindle

10% of the green papers I make is donated to Almost Home Dachshund Rescue, so they can keep helping dogs get lifesaving medical care - just like they helped me, Reuben: a senior dog with a new leash on life. 

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