Sunday, August 26, 2012

important Statements about my personal self

I feel the time has come to make some very important Statements about my personal self. There are certain things that maybe my blogging friends no is knowing about me, and as the intrepid journalist that I is, it is time to turn the camera inward for a change. Not literally - Mama's camera is out of batteries and if I ever has a camera in my innards, well - probably we is going back to Vet.

This is a file photo of me sniffing Gretchen's butt

So here they is, in no particular order:

  • I is soft, like a bunny. Seriously, my fur is the softest dog fur ever. It is hard to tell this on the internets
  • I makes a grunty noise when I is happy and a gremlin noise when I is mad
  • I has a amazing tattoo - really it is more of a battle scar, for the vet gaved it to me after she stoled my nuggets. It's a cool arrow-looking thing, I will gets my mama to photograph it whenever she gets around to the battery issue
  • When Mama is giving me belly rubs and then she forgets to keep doing it, I thrust my prominent manly chest in the air and wiggle around until she remembers that she no is done giving me belly rubs yet
  • I has a triangulated patch on my tail with all of the furs missing. Why? I no has any idea
  • We share a driveway with our "neighbor." We all knows that this word means "extremely brazen intruder," and I intends to continue terrorizing him until he moves out and gives me back my driveway
  • I shakes in the bathtub, but only from COLD. It no is from fear, even though Mama makes the bath waters very warm, still I shivers. From COLDNESS, not fear
  • Before I gotted my nuggets stolen at the vet, one of my favorite things to does was hump this other dog across the street. He was a boxer/pit bull mix, so usually I no gotted much higher than his ankles, due to my correct-sized legs
  • I gets reverse sneezings all the time. They is most frequent in the middle of the night when Mama has a very important thing to does very early in the morning. She has to wake up and put her hand over my snout so I will stop sneezings, then she no can get back to sleep, so she has to give me belly rubs! It is a great plan of mine
  • At home I no will get my foots and belly wet; I will instead do my peeings on the porch. At the farm I will romp happily through the wets all day, peeing on everything to help make it wetter
  • We has a pet door that I could (probably)  fit through if I wanted. Instead I prefers to stand at the door and whine and wag my tail until my valet opens it for me
I hope these many interesting facts has given you a great insight into me, Reuben.

Also, I must make it known that my dogblog and Face Books friends is some of the most amazing peoples, dogs and yes, even catses, that ever I has been lucky enough to "meet." Never has I seen a one with my own eyes, in the actual world and not on the internets, and still my friends cared enough about me to help my Mama and Daddy through this hard time with their contributions. I started my ChipIn at about 2pm. I setted it to run through September 7, hoping to maybe reach part of my $469 goal in that time. Four hours later there was enough donations to cover me and Hatfield's vet bills from the past two months, and even a little bit extra too that I will give to my friends Juno and Scout over at Juno's Place, to help with Scout's very expensive surgeries. I made me get a kind of wet feeling in my eyes. I NO WAS crying, probably it was just.... summer allergies. Or cat hairs. I no is exactly sure. I loves you all and I looks forward to many more sharings with all of you.



  1. Great post today Reuben! We learned so very much about you. As good furends, we needs to know this kind of stuff just in case you ever come to NY to visit us. After reading everything, we agree that our humans were meant to serve US!

    We luvs you Reuben...

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Rueben Rueben I loved learning so much more about you!!!

  3. Reuben, you are a very complex and interesting little doggie. I applaud your stand regarding pee'ing outdoors in the wet weather. Right on, little friend.


  4. Hi Reuben,

    We very much enjoyed learning more about you! We're so glad your chip-in was so successful!

    your pal,

  5. Reuben, that was a great post, I love knowing all those things about you. I agree about about virtual pals being the best and I am glad your chipin worked good. I can't wait til your camera gets fixed with batteries so I can see more of you.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Our mom LOL when she read about your 'correct-sized legs'!! Of course she could have been picturing you doing the Humpty Dance with the Boxer... cause that is a BOL moment as well

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  7. I loved learning more about you! I have an intruder in my driveway too. We've got to do something about that situation! AND, I love how you don't use the doggie door!! Make the humans work for us!

  8. Great insight into what makes a Reuben tick! We have loads of intruders that dare walk passed our kingdom. We let them know very loudly that it's not allowed!

    Glad you got so much help and that you are going to help other dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Good things to learn about you, Reuben. We are so glad the chip-in worked! We are even more glad you got to keep your remaining toofies! Happy Sunday, sweet furriend.

  10. BOL loved learning more about you! You's the bestsest furiend

  11. Thanks for letting us get to know you Rueben
    Benny & Lily

  12. wow, that was a very informative post reuben. when my vet took my girly parts out, he left me with a battle scar too!
    wags from bailey.

  13. Nice post Reuben, Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Rueben -
    We LOVE lernin’new stuffz ‘boutz our Blogville furrendz - iz there gonna b a quiiz later sumtime? We don’t like goin’out an’gittin’wet either which wuz really hard this past weekend with so much rain - don’t understand y our mom won’t let us potty indoorz – haf u notised that
    hoo-minz haf a whole room fur that so y can’t we haf a room tue?
    Oh an’by the way, in your email u sed sumthin’boutz wantin’tue x-change Christmas cardz with your furrendz here in Blogville- don’t worry cuz Blogville uzually duz a card an’sumbuddy duz a gift x-change tue - one year we got tue due it – may-b Jazzi had it that year. It wuz LOTZ of fun an'mom took us each shoppin'fur our secret pal - it wuz like we all gotzta b like Santa Paws. Not shure who duz it BUTT watch the Blogville Community Calendar cuz it will b there.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  15. Wowee! We have A LOT in common.
    1. We also both have super soft fur. Not the stiff, rough kind, but the fuzzy soft like a hamster kind.
    2. We are a combination of you. I (Shelby) grunt and make noises when I am happy and getting settled in. She (Milly) makes a horrible gremlin- like noise when she is mad.
    3. We also have reverse sneezes all the time and super especially when Mom and Dad have to get up early and so we wake them up with these noises.
    4. We also like to go pee (and poop) on the porch when it's rainy or wet out... but we DO use the pet door. :)

    See? Lots in common!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  16. See, that's why I love you! Every royal dog knows that using pet doors would ruin our soft furs and we should just wait for the royal human servants to open it for us.
    (no offence to the dogs who DO use the pet door)

  17. Dear Reuben,

    I get sneezes all the time too. This is when my head explodes, and usually my skull bangs on the floor. This doesn't hurt because I'm tough, but it does make the people go "awww" and give me pets.

    But only during the day. When it happens after bed time they make the noise "shhh". This is very inconsistent of them.

    Perhaps you have some advice?


  18. Those are some good facts, Reuben. Very informational. We have some things in common, like the soft bunny furs and the shaking in the bathtub. I'm so happy to get to know you and read your blog!



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