Friday, August 31, 2012

A mail for Reuben, full of chewies and treats!

There was other things in the box besides chewies and treats, but since those was the most important ones to me, I has putted them in the title. It began yesterday, when I was vigilantly sleeping on Mama's stuffs.

These backpacks is very well-protected.
 When the next thing I knowed, I founded myself looking at my people sister Leah, who was opening a big box. It camed from Lindy and her people, and also her dachshunds Frankie, Willie and Ollie.

Hmmm, I is starting to has an interested....
 But when she started pulling things out of the box, that is when I became really interested!

You has my attention now!
 I dove right in and grabbed this squeaky monkey!

Omnomnomnom chewy!!!! 
 I no even waited for him to be out of the packagings.

The packagings is just for extra chewings, right?

Then, while I was busy with squeaky monkey, Leah pulled out this book: 

"Oh wow, I loves Skippyjon Jones!"
Mama said "I no had a knowing that you liked Skippyjon Jones."

Can you tell from this picture how much she likes Skippyjon Jones?
 Then it was back for more boxings.

"Look Reuben, you gotted treats!!!"
 Almost you would think that people sister is more excited about the treats than I is!

Look, a dachshund... kind of...
I was getting ready to rip into those treats with all nine of my glorious tooths, but something stopped me.

OMD another chewy?!?!?!
Quickly I grabbed yellow chewy and took him to the very safe place of 12 inches from where I was standing before. Then Leah read the nice letter from Lindy to me:

Dear Reuben, your tongue is magnificent and you is extremely brave and handsome....
 I looked in to see if there was other things in the box.

I smell something..... 
It was some cool magnets and a picture frame!

Look, D-O-G! That spells "Reuben."
 Leah no could stop hugging Skippyjon. She tooked him to bed with her last night and as I is typing this, she is currently still hugging him at this very moment.

I think she had to put him down while she was at school.
 Now I was faced with a ginormous quandry: two brand new chewies in front of me; which one does I chew?
Oh, the problems of being a well-loved dog like me!
 But then my nose called me to the smell of the treats, which now was opened.

I would like to has them right now please!
It took some convincing.

I said RIGHT NOW, Leah!!! NOW!!!
 Then she putted them on the table.

Almost.... there...... can..... smell them.....
I was getting closer.

Curse these correct-sized legs!
I was so fierce and brave that Leah opened the treats and gaved me some.

OH YEAH, these is good!!!
 This was Lindy's lovely letter:

Dear Reuben, has anyone ever tolded you how you is brave and handsome?
Now I had some business to attend to. It involved my two new chewies!

What you is smiling about, Yellow? I is planning to dead you next.

Meanwhile, this unfortunate scene was unfolding in the kitchens:

It no is fair, why Hatfield gets treats too?
St first Hatfield was suspicious. He thought maybe I had putted something in them, like maybe hot peppers or bad catnips.

Seriously dude, is this for real?
The smell of noms helped Hatfield overcome his suspicious.

Hatfield is ready to go in for the kill.
He no was quite sure how to accomplish this.

"Look here, Treats - I want to eat you; you want to be eaten.... let's stop all these silly games."
He reached clumsily for the foodstuffs.

Come to me, foodstuffs.....

 If you look closely on the right, you will see the treats flying off the counter.

So he jumped down and proceeded to eat the ones that falled out.

You've cleaned this floor sometime in the last six months, right Mom?
Soon that Hatfield-related unpleasantness was all over, and we all settled down on the couch and Leah read us a story.

Wait, this cat thinks he is a dog?! It is because we is superior, and has much better grammars too.
I has been in Chewy Heaven for the last 24 hours, and believe me, the growling has been non-stop whenever Daddy is nearby. He might try to take my chewy! Or even both of them! He is very dangerous. 

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I is Reuben, hears me roar! "Ruff!"
Thank yous Lindy and family, and thank yous to Frankie, Willie and Ollie for picking out such good treats for me. I love you all eleventy billions!


  1. Lindy (and Frankie, Willie & Ollie)August 31, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    I'm so glad everyone liked their gifts Reuben! The doggies thought you might like those treats - I guess they were right! Thank you for sharing the pics - they're so cute!

  2. Reuben, you have some very good friends! You looked especially handsome when you were laying on your back on Mama's stuff. I wanted to scratch your tummy, but since I couldn't reach through the screen to do that, I leaned over and scratched my Daisy's tummy instead. She liked that!

  3. Reuben, you are one lucky studly man! Enjoy those chewies, and try not to get them taken away. Love you!


  4. You have to lie on one stuffie while you kill the other! Can't believe hatfield can reach his unfair.

    You were ALL very lucky to get that great package.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. What a fabulous package!!! I love both of your toys and those treats are delicious! Have a great weekend!

  6. Did you know that your one spoiled doxie Reuben? Isn't it great!!! You got such a nice package from your furends. It had all the right stuff in it for you and Hatfield and Leah. We can tell she REALLY likes her stuffie too! You better stay far, far, far away from that one and just stick to your own. I would keep a close eye on Daddy as I think he wants to play with one of your chewey toys.

    Lily Belle

  7. Wow! You two are very lucky indeed, enjoy my friends!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. I also has mentionings of daddy's awesome job of restorations on the porch where everyone's kind gifts were bestowed! ;)

  9. what a fantastic treasure box you got there. looks like everyone is enjoying their goodies.

  10. That was extra nice of Lindy,Frankie, Willie and Ollie, it looks like everything was perfect for each of you. Love all of the pictures, especially of Reuben grabbing the monkey chewy out of the box!

  11. OOOH! Mail! How exciting:)
    I have a surprise for you Reuben, pop on over!!!

  12. Reuben, you are a very lucky boy!! What nice friends you have! I would personally chew both of them at the same time...that way you show no favorites! ;-) By the by, I saw you on Cotton's blog! Hi!

  13. Concats on your swag, Reuben. Tell your Mommy that these pics are adorable! (but we can no imagine you takin a bad pic!)

  14. Reuben that is one BIG swag bag pal. Wow lots of stuffies there. How very kind. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Dear Reuben,

    How ever did you choose between two new stuffies??


  16. What a great surprise!! Every buddy sure looks happy
    Benny & Lily

  17. Ooh! So many stuffies! And treats! Congratulations on your wonderful package!


  18. Reuben, thanks for stopping by! What a great care package! We have a lot in common. I LOVE Beggin Bacon Strips! Mine have to come a l-o-n-g way!

  19. OMD Reuben that is just a great pressie. I don't know how you could decide which toy to chew on. Good luck and I hope you have lots of fun.

    Loveys Sasha

  20. OMG...Chewy Heaven!!!! Awesome, Reuben!

    BTW, congratulations on being a finalist for the Petties! I just saw your's fantastic, and I really hope you win! Great job, pal!!!

  21. That sounds wonderful! Chewies! Treats! You have some awesome and very thoughtful friends!

    your pal,

  22. We are putting in an address change so your mails comes to our house! :D

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,


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