Saturday, July 21, 2012

I gets a visiting from White Fuzzy next door

Friends, a great travesty has occurred this evening. Apparently the thunder boomers in the distance has given the White Fuzzy next door a frightened, for he has hopped over the wall and come into my yard, probably for disrespectings.

Is you doing poopings in my yard? IS YOU?!?
Next door they gots about eleventy hundred dogs. Mama says it is five, but she is wrong, for they does enough barkings for eleventy thousand.  But they is good backup for my intruder patrol, and they holds down the fort at night when I is doing sleepings in the big bed. Vigilant sleepings. This is the first time, that I knows of, that White Fuzzy has jumped over the wall. He is still a puppy, so I guess he finally gotted his big boy legs.

It is nice to finally meets you in person, White Fuzzy.
It turned out that White Fuzzy is a very polite kind of dog, who let me sniff him, and no even did one barking while he was on my properties.

Please hold still; I no can gets a good sniff when you is moving.
 He read some of my pee-mail, which I appreciates, and no even left any pee-mails of his own in my yard. Maybe he is a girl kind of dog....

Let me double checks that undercarriage smell again.
He and/or she tried to play with me, and I no even hated it!

You has freakishly long legs, but I has a tongue!
I think I no will minds it if he/she comes over for occasional visitings.

We does make a pretty fearsome team, I must admits.
  Then it was time for White Fuzzy to go home.

Goodbye White Fuzzy, thank you for visitings!
Hehehe, White Fuzzy no left on his/her own - Mama gaved Daddy some treats and he waved them right in front of my nose and hers! Or his. Whatever.

Daddy, if you has treats I follows you anywhere!
Then, because there is some big kind of steppings that my correct-sized legs no can climb down, White Fuzzy followed Daddy back to his and/or her house, and I was lefted all alone.

Excuse me, I believe there was a promise of treats..... WHERE IS THEY?!
But then Mama said "Reuben, wannatreat? wannatreat?" And I responded by doing the fastest run I knows how to does. It is very fast!

*treats treats treats treats treats treats*
White Fuzzy went home and I gotted a sausage, so I gots to say, my life is pretty good.

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  1. Misty the long haired miniature dachshundJuly 21, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    What a wonderful visiting kind of day for you Reuben. Glad you enjoyed White fuzzy.

    Misty the long haired miniature dachshund.

  2. That's a really pretty dog!

  3. Awww that is a nice suprise. You had a big day. White fuzzy was pretty.

  4. White Fuzzy is weally furiendly-looking! What a nice visitor yous had! But nothing can beat treats, huh?

  5. Dear Reuben,

    We had thunder boomers this week too. I am Brave Dog, so I wasn't scared, but the Cats did not like the thunder boomers and hid under the bed. This is why they call them scardy-cats.

    White Fuzzy sounds like a very polite visitor. It is always important to read pee mail. Very polite. And no barkings - also very polite.

    Maybe your new friend will come visit again soon!

    Licks and wags,

  6. What a great visit, Reuben, as long as the white fuzzy doesn't get TOO many treats.... Happy Sunday, furriends. xoxo

  7. White Fuzzy is a PUPPY!! Eeek, How big will he be when grown up? Great that you got on so well. Sometimes these huge dogs can be quite tolerant of us smaller fellows.
    Toodle pip!

  8. Reuben we loved seeing you with white fuzzy and we are glad you had such fun with the intruder. Happy Sunday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. What a nice neighbor and visit! Glad you got some treats in the end too!

  10. white Fuzzy looks like a lot of fun. Does he know he is big? Or do you think you are bigger?
    Benny & Lily

    1. Obviously I is bigger; White Fuzzy just happens to has freakishly long legs...

  11. I am a Texas Tabby Cat--is that OK? This is my first time here-and I liked your romp with White Fuzzy. I think he/she liked you too!! I think you and me might be bout the same size!


  12. Reuben that was quite and adventure you had with the giant moving fluff ball
    Hugs mafi

  13. Glad that White Fuzzy was respectful of your yard. He/she sounds like a cool new friend.

  14. S/he sounds like a nicely brought up pup. Hope s/he comes to visit again...and you get another sausage.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. Golly Reuben, yous a mighty brave dog! Muffin and I would have pee'd all over the place seeing a big White Fuzzy like that in our yard. We thinks you have a new furend. You were so very kind not to chase him/her away.

    Lily Belle

  16. White Fuzzy sounds like a nice doggy! White Fuzzy sounds like he might make a really good playmate and it is fun to have friends to play with! And the best part...White Fuzzy can go home when you get tired of him! That's the best!

    Have a great week!


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