Sunday, May 20, 2012

I has a new hobby - it is called "gardenings"

What a beautiful day it is! While Leah went across the street to play in the park, I decided to help Mama do gardenings. 

First I did Cat Patrol to make sure it was safe. 

Never forget to clear the perimeter of cats first.

Then I helpfully watered the plants. I helped fertilize too, but Mama says it is rude to post pictures on the internets of that activity.

I made sure the new thyme got extra waters.

Then I noticed that Mama no had properly seeded her dills, so here I is trying to dig it back up so she can do it correctly this time.

I is above making a pun about "thyme" here.  Maybe another thyme I will.

After so much hard works, it was time for a relaxing roll in the suns. 

Mama, it is belly rubbing thyme. Less clicking, more rubbing!
I hope you all had as fun and productive of a day as me.


  1. You're so funny Reuben ! And helpful , too ! :D

  2. I totally agree you're very helpful dog.,oh well you also look

    Lot of smile..

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  3. what a great garden helper! i think the rolling is especially helpful - loosens up the soil :)


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