Monday, February 27, 2012

A mountain adventure in which I is very brave towards horses, chickens and children

I has had a very active and important weekend, for Mama, Leah and I has gone to the mountains to visit some of Mama's friends. It was the first birthday party of an adorable baby named Ellis (almost as adorable as me!), and so in addition to the horses, dogs and chickens, there was lots of extra people, many of them very very small!
I tries to hide in the shadows, but still they pursues me

I was very excited to has so many new things to pee on, and so many different kind of animals to show my bravery to.

I supervises the poultries
I goes to meet a horse before Mama rudely carries me away
I does a lot of this all over everywhere!
What is this, a Reuben sandwich with freakishly long bread?

You will be pleased to know that I has only snapped at one baby and just a couple of kids. I was on my very best behavior! I did lots of barkings whenever Mama lefted me alone on the porch; I wanted to make sure none of those stranger babies was attacking her. For some reason the humans didn't like it when I tried to pee on the side of a baby seat with a baby in it. I no has an understand - I was outside, and also that was MY baby seat, ever since I saw it. Because I is a tolerant and magnanimous dog, I even letted the kids chase me and pet me.
I is too fast for them!
But then I letted them catch me.
Still, I no is sure about all these hands.
Being the helpful dog that I is, the floor no even needed to be swept after the party, for I has cleaned all the cake crumbs off of it! It was such a delicious party that I no needed dinner that night. After one more shift on horse supervision duty,

Yup, everything looks good.
we packed up the next morning (after Mama and Leah rudely lefted me alone to go hiking; I barked a lot to let them know they forgot me). Me and Leah had a nice nap in the car, and when I woked up we were in a place called West Asheville, where Mama and Daddy used to live. We stopped to eat at this restaurant:

It is called the "Lucky Otter," but for this I no has an understand - clearly that is a two-headed dachshund on the sign. And since I is at least as brave and handsome as two dachshunds, and probably more, this place should be called "Lucky Reuben."
I hope I is lucky enough to gets my own burrito!
And since I was looking very noble and also stylish in my sweater, Mama and Leah has took some pictures of me at the "Lucky Reuben."

I even gotted some beans and coleslaw in my dog bowl, but I ated it so fast that it no was possible to take a picture.

Today I is taking it real easy, since I had such a big and brave weekend. That is the best kind of weekend for me to have, for I is a big and brave dog! I hopes we go again soon.

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