Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I has seen some other dogblogs where they does a special feature on a certain day of the week. I knows this is technically Tuesday, but still I submits my photo for Wordful Weddings Wonderful Weakling Woobie Woobies.... um, the day in the middle of the week where we posts only pictures! I calls it "DoubleYous," which is a word more suited to my customized mouth and tongue.

Me and Mama.
Already I has posted this on Face Books, but I no has a lot of pictures of me and Mama together (always she is holding the camera), so I posts it here too. Here we is napping in the suns! *wagwagwagwag*


  1. Pawesome, Reuben! Please continue to snuggle and cuddle, it's the way to go!

    I tagged you on my bloggie today; come on over to find out more :)
    It's super-fun and totally wotten waven :)

    Keep on wagging,

  2. Well thank you Tootsie... I goes to see what this mystery is all about!

  3. Hellllooooo Reuben! I heard bout you at Tootsie's blog. I'm always excited to meet another rescue doxin! (my pack is 4 doxins). Hope to be great furrends.

  4. That sounds good to me Minna! So you gots four dachshunds... Mama says she wants more wiener dogs. I no has an understand why, for I is the best dog ever! Also, I will scare any dogs who come to my house with my fearsome bark and tooths!


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