Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here is some beautiful pictures from my weekend

Mama has taken some amazing photos of me lately, of which I must share with all the internets. I no has lots of interesting news though - I has been chillin in my sweater, peeing on leaf piles, chewing on my chewies, sleeping in Mama's lap,  riding in the car (almost I can see out the window!), and eating all the foodstuffs I can find on the ground. Just the other day I found a half of a hoagie roll in the park, and I ated it all up! I no can imagine who would leave it there for me, but they is one nice human being. Are you ready to see some photos? I'm sure you is.

How majestic I is.

Watch out for the floor, tongue!

How this got in here? These are MY pictures, MINE!

I has a perspective.

I is very limber. With my tongue.

Has you noticed yet that my tongue is magnificent?

Here, I is waiting for someone to drop their muffins.

My ears in action. They is very aerodynamic!

And this -  wait... Gretchen, this is MY dogblog. MINE.

I is ready for my close-up.

I know you has muffins somewhere. Where they is?!?!

Me and Gretchen is sundogs. Also we is waiting for muffins.

I never gotted muffins so I went back to sleep.


  1. i miss you, reuben. and i guess your family ain't too bad, either. let's go on a walk soon? bring your mom and sis?

    your tongue is quite impressive in these photos. i've been a bit behind on your latest posts. i'm looking forward to getting caught up over the next couple days.

    love you, reuben.

    p.s. since you're the one writing these posts, and you'd clearly never post pics of gretchen and the cat - then i think you need to change your password. they've hacked your account!

  2. Hmmm, Angela. You has given me much to think about. I must be monitoring my fire walls and my cookies more closely (trust me, I is a very good cookie monitor). Thank you for bringing this security breach to my attentions.


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