Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Also I is a book reviewer

You may has noticed that I has been curiously silent over the last few days, including Halloweens. Part of the reason is that I was very unceremoniously left out of the trick-and-treating. Everyone went to a place that was crowded with hundreds of people, maybe even dozens. Mama said I would go insane from barking. This maybe is true, but since Leah dressed up as Dorothy, I no has an understand why she did not take me as Toto. I even dressed up as the Tin Man the other day, and still I got no treats-and-tricks.

I is a very intelligent dog, as I'm sure you has noticed. Another reason I has not been around the last few days is because Mama is reading a new book, and she has read some of it to me. It is the first book I has ever read written by a dog, and I is very much impressed with the volume of his works. One day I hopes to write a book too, and maybe mine will sell more copies even than his. 

This dog thinks very deep, like me.

There is more informations about the book here. One part I will tell is that the dog has a reincarnation. He has remembers from his past life! This has got me to thinking. I is not a spring chicken kind of dog, and if I has had reincarnations, it was many many years ago, or even days. I has been probing back into the deep recesses of my large mind. It is all very interesting. 

While this dog (he has different names in the book) does have the right kind of dog attitude, about being amazing and extremely important (like me), my only criticism is that he no speaks the dog language quite correctly. I'm sure he is working on improvements for his next book, which I will be making sure that Mama buys for me. I loves this book so much that when she is finished reading it, I no will even chew it up. That is how much I loves this book.

I also has some more dog books to review. I is very intellectual and a spectacular writer myself, so it is only fair that I share all my knowledges with the rest of the world. So check back to my dogblog for more of thems. 

Now it is time for my walk. Mama is trying something new today - I gets my very own neighborhood walk, all by myself! Gretchen likes to go very fast and hardly pees on anything, so I is always being rushed along. It makes my job a million times harder, let me tell you. When I get back, Mama will walk Gretchen to the dog park. I no is jealous of that - I no wants to scare all the dogs there with my frightful barks and fearsome tooths. Really, I is a very kind-hearted dog. Also my legs are not freakishly long, like Gretchen's are, and so I is having a tired feeling before we even gets there. I is feeling like I will have some really good sniffs today. Everyone has put out their green bins and brown rolling carts for me, and so this is always my favorite day for a walk.

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