Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I no is a stuffed animal

My mama's friends from Ringo's Rat Tales came to our house the other day and... well... some indignifications has occurred.

I is going to bite those ruby slippers right off Dorothy's feets.

Here I is still the Tin Man.

About this, I no is happy. Leah says I is a funeral person.

You know what? I is not even posting the rest of them. Not even for evidences of indignifications.  Instead, I posts a shot of me and my magnificent tongue. 

I is a lap dog when I no has anything to pee on.

In fact, I is typing this from Mama's lap right now. Of course I is a very busy dog, so I gets my naps whenever I can. Maybe I will post some more shots later. Right now it is time to lie on the couch and watch something called "Wizard of Ozzes." It is a pretty good movie, though of course Toto is not as big and frightsome as me. But he does a good job anyways.

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