Friday, October 28, 2011

Important update on my tooths

This morning I is having a sleepy feeling in my head and body. Mama put some medicines in my food, and it tasted weird, and now I no can see my typewriter so well. 

Yesterday I had some down time before my surgeries, so I redesigned my dogblog. It looks much better now. I is a professional!

I has had two more tooths removed and the remaining nine tooths cleaned. I has had lots of bleeding and also sleeping on Mama's lap. But ever since I ate my yucky-tasting food this morning, I no has any feeling at all!

Everyone at the vet of course loved me. I has some new blog fans, and that gives me an excited feeling! I think. Wait, no, I no can feel anything right now. I will likely be excited later.

This is what my mouth looked like the day before my surgeries:

Here you sees some of my eleven tooths.

Here is some others of my eleven tooths.
These is the only pictures ever taken of my mouth insides. I was in a yawny kind of mood, and the batteries no were dead on Mama's camera. But now they are.

Mama took this shot on her phone camera last night. I no even has a remember for that. It is very grainy, but my tongue looks magnificent:

I still has Snaggletooth!

I no is up to any photographs today, especially not ones showing the beautifulness of what is now my nine tooths. Even though I has this silly floaty feeling and not much of a painful, you still no can see inside my mouth. It's MINE!

So I will leaves you with this. It is some of my hard work from a few days ago. I no has an understand why Mama no appreciates it. I worked and worked and worked on this the whole afternoon while she was gone!

Then I was so handsome, nothing else even mattered:

Now I will be laying down in my dog bed. My typewriter keys is blurry and my soulful brown eyes no will even stay open.

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