Monday, October 24, 2011

I is soft like a bunny

There is something else you should know about me. I never has mentioned it before, since I has so many amazing characteristics, but - I has the softest fur you has ever seen. Many dogs has that coarse, wiry dog hair, but I has hair like a bunny rabbit which has just been shampooed. Also, I no has a need to be doing lots of hair care to make me so beautiful. My fantastic fur no needs to be washed hardly ever; Mama says that is a good thing. If you no knows me better, you would think I has a frightened in the bathtub, due to me shivering a lot. But just like in the vet's office, it is only because I has a chill, and not at all due to frightfulness. I prefer to no be wet. I will not even go outside when the grass is wet - that is how much I hates to be wet. Again, I must stress that this no has anything to do with being afraid. I is a complex dog of discriminating tastes, and I simply knows what I likes. If you would like to rub my soft fur, I will allow you to give me one belly rub. But remember, I is a very busy dog. There no is time for every peoples who want to touch my splendid fur.

I is soft enough to be a pillow. See?


  1. it LOOKS really soft, too! you sure do make a great pillow.

  2. Too cute for words!



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