Saturday, February 2, 2013

These is the Frosty Paws winners!

Friends, I received so many lovely photos for Reuben's Frosty Paws contest that it gives me a sad kind of feeling that I only can choose 10. I wishes I had enough ice creams and stuffies for EVERYONE; sadly, I no does. So I wants to thank everyones who sended me photos; truly I appreciates all of thems and ALL of you is deserving of treatables. So in no particular ordering, here is the winners! Everyone is either playing outside in the snows or snuggled up inside, as far away from snows as possible.


Shiloh and Shasta

Doc the chiweenie

Huck and Isis 

Maxwell Lewis


 Liam (L)  and Twisty 


Chichi from Prancer Pie

and Gunnar

(I has a great sad to report that my friend Dottie went to the rainbow bridge only a few days ago, surrounded by loved ones and after a meal of steak and bacons. Goodbye Dottie, I will misses you - and brother Gunnar, please take good care of your Mama during this hard time. I know you wills, for you is a good dog)

Now, if you sees your picture above, I will need an e-mailing of your street address for where I should send the treatables and stuffy to. This in my e-mail address. Even if you has gaved me your address before, for holiday cards and such, it would has a big helpful to send it again (my administrative assistant is so scatterbrained). I would like to mail all of thems out in the next week or so. I no wants you to has to wait any longer for your ice creams! A big thanking again to all of the good dogs who sended me their lovely photos, and if it was up to me I would go raid the Frosty Paws factory and send ice creams to everyone. I mean. If that no was illegal. *cough snarf* And also I would like to does a thanking of Frosty himself, for giving me the stuffs to send to my winners. This has been a presentation of Reuben's Very First Contest, I hopes to does more of thems in the future!

Of course it is Blogville Sled Day, hosted by none other than Sarge himself. Check out the sled he made for me; it is perfectly customized to my specificationings, right down to the last detail!

Reuben the dachshund on a rocket-powered sled


  1. I WON...I WON...I REALLY WON!!!!!!!! Oh you has meded me da happiest doxie around especially cuz I has nevers had frosty Paws.
    Ahem....I would likes to thanks Reuben fur takin' a chance on me, and his momma fur mailin' da stuffs, and Frosty Paws furs da treats (wipes awa tears), and my family...and blah blah blah. I should has wrotted a better speech but dats what you gets on short notice.

    Thank you Reuben and momma and FP!!!!


  2. Hey RUEBEN those are all SUPER DUPER pics fur SURE. Congratulations to the Winners.
    We will NEVER hear the END of PUDDLES' Bragging about this you know. She just is that way... butt we wouldn't have her any OTHER way.

    Ernie REALLY admires your TurboCharged sled. He thinks HE would like to give it a try... butt I TOLD him... it is for the OLDER WISER MORE MATURE types like You and ME... HEY BUDDY... could I take a spin on it??? BOL

  3. Congrats to all the winners. We are so sorry to hear about Dottie. We wish her family peace. Happy sledding!

  4. Wow, a big congrats to the lucky winners! Frosty paws are delish. Speaking of that, we all have frosty paws on the slopes during all of this sledding action! BOL I'm so glad you like your flame-throwing turbo sled. It's totally pawesome and I was wondering if you'd like to turbo-pull me back to the top for another run. Woohoooooo Later on, we'll have some great foodables too.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Extreme Sledder

  5. Hey Reuben...whose gas is it dat powers yur sled? Just wonderin' BOL! Oz & me be tryin' to catch up to you all day but you iz just too fast...Happy Sled Day!

  6. Whatevers you do...DO NOT lets Frankie drives your sled...he will fart on it...bwhahahahaha.


  7.'re the only one going UP HILL! WOW! But the snacks are down hill. You'd better hurry, we're onto our third cheeseburgers each now!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. I WOULD NOT!!! Puddles is the one that does stuffs like THAT.
    PeeS don't worry.. they aren't gonna Roast.. US on the sled hill.. they really mean TUBE Steaks and Stick Steaks...

  9. Congrat's to all the Frosty Paw winners! Reuben you were an excellent host for this contest.

    We're sorry tp hear about your furend Dottie. We'll try to hop over to leave a few comforting words.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. WE Is SO EXCITED!!! Thank you so much for hosting this contest. We'll have our Mommy/secretary email you right away.

    So sorry to hear about your furriend, Dottie. Sending comforting thoughts to her family.

    Your sled is pawsome, Reuben! Have an easy Sunday, furriend. XOXO

  11. Yippee to all those winners
    Benny & Lily

  12. OMD - OMD - OMD! We Won! Oh YIPPEE - YUMMY! Can't wait tue git sum Frosty Paws - it has bin sooooo long since we had any. Thank-u Thank-u Thank-u. An'thank-u tue your mom fur helpin'tue git the mail out an'tue Mr. Frosty Paws fur givin'u the chance tue give them away. Oh now we gotta git our mom tue help us email u. Agin we say THANK-U!!!!!!!!
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  13. Well done to the winners. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Ooh, I love those pictures of all the dogs snuggled up in their beds and sweaters! I'm not sure about those crazy dogs in the snow though...I think they might be crazy.


  15. how cute!! what great entries. i'm sure it was so hard to pick just 10 but you made excellent selections. these really put a smile on my face!


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