Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reuben's amazing Christmas

Friends, I has had a lovely Christmas full of chewies and treats. And clearly Santa Paws gotted my letter, because look!
Oh, yeeeaaahhhh!
It is a new humpy bed! It is just what I wanted! Because I chewed and humped Red and Blue humpy beds so much that they has stuffings coming out, and I ated the stuffings and throwed them up. In fact, I was so excited about new blue humpy bed that I kind of "accidentally" peed on it.

This is a reenactment of the alleged incident.
 But Mama putted some soaps on it and cleaned it off, and I gotted new blue humpy bed back for more chewings and sleepings.

It has so many comfies!
Also I gotted in my stocking (I had to share my stocking with Hatfield the orange kitty - gross) a new purple chewy and some organic dog biscuits and also a bone chewy. The bone chewy is hard, and no is a kind I has ever chewed before! The package says it is for "powerful chewers." Of course, that is me.

You can almost feel the powers of my incredibly powerful jaws.
 After people sister opened all of her presents, we went with Daddy and Grandma and Other Grandpa and Aunt Dana and Uncle Kemp out to Grandpa man's house, which is on the farm and unfortunately also contains Gretchen. Sometimes the house contains Gretchen; many other times she is running through the woods and fields and giving the neighbors a big frustration. It is very important for me to pee a lot when I goes out there, to let her know that the entire farm is mine.

Exhibit A: farm = mine.
I sniffed around a lot too, smelling all kinds of wonderful and interesting smells, and then covering those smells with my pee.

It is a lot of hard works, but they is very satisfying works.
Then we had Christmas dinners, and peoples was feeding me delicious foodstuffs under the table! I also helped with the cookings by cleaning the floor in the very helpful way that I has. After all of my hard works and voracious eatings, I settled down on the couch with people sister to watch some cartoons.

I is starting to like my cavedog sweater; it is very warm!
 I was so tired that I felled asleep with my tongue flopping majestically to the side.

This is my tongue side.
What a amazing Christmas it was! Also I had a joyful to know that Pippen gotted my box in the mail from Jazzi's gift exchange, from the east coast all of the whole way to the west coast! Even I has heard that she shared the treats and chewy and tennis ball with her brother, which was very nice and frankly something I no would has done on purpose. In fact that reminds me - I is mad at Gretchen right now, for when Grandpa man was feeding us noms off of the pork roast in the kitchen, she kept stealing the ones he gaved to me and nomming them all up with her mouth full of many tooths! But, in the spirit of Christmasses, and of counting my blessings and being thankful for all of the good things I has and the lovely people, dogs and sometimes even catses I has in my life, I is willing to overlook this aggregious offence and sleep long into the afternoon on new blue humpy bed with purple chewy and bone by my side. Or under me. Do not touch them Daddy, they is MINE!!! 

Merry festivitals to all, and to all a good afternoons!


  1. No need to hump, it's your bed now. Looks like a beautiful day
    Benny & Lily

  2. Reuben! Way to make the grampas farm YOURS!! Glad you had a happy day!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. WTG Reuben you made out like a bandit at Christmas. MOL you have a kitty sib named Hatfield. That is too funny. Good to know you are in charge all things on the floor and that you were able to keep it clean.

    Mom told me when they had their Dachshund, Toto, she used to tell everyone if it hits the floor it is his and I'm not responsible for what he does if you try to pick it up. MOL
    He must have been a funny dude for sure.
    hugs Madi and thanks so much for your very handsome pinup picture on your Christmas card!

  4. OH REUBEN Exhibit A is just EXCELLENT... THAT would LIFT UP in ANY Court in the land... OR EVEN on the HIGH C's.
    OMD you got a New NEW BLUE humpty bed!! and You Christened it just like a Ship of the High C's . (that is our tie in to Exhibit A)
    OH what a wonderful holiday you did have. It is a MAGICAL Season fur SURE. Now you can Hump to your Heart's content...
    You just TICKLED Us to pieces with this post. LOVE EVERY WORD and the PICTURES are Perfect!!! THANKS fur the UpLift this morning.

  5. You must have been a very good dog to get all that great stuff! We accidentally pee on one of our beds too. Sometimes it can't be helped!

  6. Mom thought you had sprouted some wings there! What a great sweater.


  7. You had super dawgie day there Reuben ... lots of prezzies, lots of treats and lots of places to leave peemail Lucky you!

  8. MyMyMy...I nose you is in your full glory. So many nice pressies and even a new blue humpy bed. Can't get better than that. Now you deserve some nice peace and quiet so you can enjoy your bed to the fullest!


  9. Oh wow Reuben!! You most certainly must have been an amazing and majestic pup this year!! What a beautiful and handy humpy bed!! :-D I hope that you have a wonderful time with it! Great job on peeing all over the farm, it is very important to make sure that all the dogs and other animals know that it is yours!! :-D

  10. Dear Reuben,

    What a pawesome Christmas! I am glad you got meat and chewies... and most importantly, and new humpy bed!! Yay!! You deserve it, I know!


  11. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  12. Hello Reuben! Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas

    Exhibit A = mine
    Exhibit B = mine
    Exhibit C, D, E- Z = mine to the gazillionth power

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  13. I was wondering what happened to your fur. Thanks for explaining it was a cave dog jacket.

    It isn't easy conserving enough pee to get every spot. Sometimes I lift my leg only to discover I'm running on empty. Does that happen to you?

    Humpy bed. Well, whatever floats your boat.


  14. YAY!! May your days be humpy and briiiiiight and may all your festivals be briiiiight

  15. that looks like the most comfortable bed in the world!! so glad sant-y clause listened to you ;)

  16. You just gotta love Christmas and the big fat guy in the red suit! Your new bed is amazing. And you look mighty dashing laying there ~ Mr. King of the dog beds.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  17. You look very handsome on your new bed in your cave dog sweater, Reuben! Glad you had a great Christmas. :)

  18. Hehehehe...okays I totally missed you to pieces. I has a couch and no bed. But I has to shares my couch withs da hoomans and da blobs...BLEH!
    Next year, you needs to send a letter to Santa tellin' him you do not shares stockings withs kittehs.


  19. A person appear really good looking in your brand new mattress inside your cavern canine jacket, Reuben! Happy you'd an excellent Xmas.

    FUT 15 Coins


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