Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Festivitals!

Firstly, I must tells you of this lovely award I has received from my buddy Garth Riley:

BOL.... that stands for Biggest Outstanding Legs, right?
Garth has deemed me to be hilarious enough to be awarded the coveted BOL. I no has an understand why, for I is a dog of many philosophicals and also a journalingist too. And yet I humbly accepts this award! Not that I is one to brag about how humble I is..... ok, yes I am.

Anyway, all I gots to does is pass the award onto another very funny dogblogger. I no could choose, so I passes it to TWO dogblogs: Frankie and Ernie, and also to Puddles.

I think we all remembers this unfortunate but ultimately hilarious event from when we was all going Back to School:

I knows you is innocent Puddles.... ok, maybe you no is.

Yes, Puddles crashed the pizza truck when she went on a pizza-truck-stealing joyride. I think beers was also involved. Shame on you Puddles! You stoled the pizza truck and you never even called ME to be in charge of security!

Frankie and Ernie has been entertaining me this month with the tails of their mama's pure insanity healthy interest in snowmens.

the one in the red hat looks dangerous.
Above you will see that Frankie and Ernie is forcefully subduing said snowmans by sitting on them and possibly also by doing flatulances on them. Good job guys!

Now turning to other matters - the Christmas cardables has been flooding into my mailbox. This year I learned that the creepy man in blue NO IS trying to steal my mails; he actually is BRINGING THEM!!! Never would I have guessed such a thing. Of course, I still barks at him. Having all these wonderful Christmas cardables has made our house really festive! As you will see here:

I was being *slightly* uncooperative in that last one. So thank you to all of the lovely dogbloggers who has sended me cardables! I sended my cardables as well, but I ranned out of thems and sadly I no mailed one to every single dog on the list. So if I no sended you one, I has many sorries. Next year we will has to order more.

Lastly, an unfortunate thing has occured today in the form of Gretchen visiting my house. MINE.

oh, the horrors. 
The first thing she did was pee on my rug. Then she tried to escape through the kitty door. These things happened within the first minute of her visiting. It is just like when she used to live here. Happily, now she gets to leave when Grandpa man leaves. YAY!!!! And so then, Mama tooked a bunch of pictures of Gretchen and people sister looking cute together, for some reason.

Finally, here is one of me looking extremely handsome!

I doesn't always flop my tongue out. But when I does, it is majestic.

Now, Mama's family is coming into town tomorrow to stay with us for a few days, and I maybe no will has time for another dogblogging before Christmasses.

So I wants to wish you all some very Merry Festivitals, from me,

(and unfortunately Hatfield)


  1. OMD...Gretchen must be on Santa Pawz Naughty List fur sure! Poor Gretchen! Yes, you is lookin as handsome as ever! :)

    Hap-Pee Howl-o-Days to you and your family...and Gretchen too!

  2. Hi Reuben! I popped over from Garth's bloggie. I can't believes I've never been to your bloggie befores, butts I haven't. Garth was right, you are a funny doggie! I LOVES your IS magestic, I must say!
    I can't believe your bud Gretchen did all that stuffs at YOUR estate! Wows, some pups just have no manners. hehehe
    Stop by and visit sometime!


    pees: have a FABulous Christmas Reuben!

  3. We hope Santa brings you LOTS of stuff....much more than Hatfield. Gretchen always makes us laugh. We hope she gets stuff, too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Merry Festivitals to you too Reuben! Your tongue is most definitely majestic!

    your pal,

  5. OH THANK YOU FUR Giving Ernie and Me that Wonderful Award. You are RIGHT about the flatulence... IF that means Ernie's KILLER Pharrrrrrts.
    CONGRATULATIONS on Receiving the award yourself.
    WE hope that Santa Paws brings you 87,000 pressies.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and to all those that you LOVE.

  6. Woo~hoo! What a pawsome award Reuben. You the man!

    We wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas too! May Santa Paws bring you everything you wish for.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. Merry Festivals to you too and congrats on your awardie :D

  8. COngrats on your award and Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Festivals Reuben! (And Hatfield.)


  10. Oh Reuben, that award is just about the most perfect award that you could have received! :-D You are definitely hilarious, philosophical, and journalistic!! Basically the perfect doggie!! I was ecstatic a couple of days ago when I received your most beautiful card in the mail, that photo is stunning!! I hope that Gretchen leaves soon and that your family isn't too long lasting!! ;-) Happy Christmas!!

  11. Dearest Reuben, I is very honored dat you has bestowed such a magnificent award to me. No, I mean I REALLY is cuz dat means you likes me and thinks I funnies. But anyways, you is so very deservin' of dis award cuz I thinks you is just freakin' HILARIOUS...them is capitals fur emphasis by day way.

    I loves them pictures of you and your kid. I just adores seein' a dog and their kid togedders, makes me smile. Like me withs my Girl.
    Oh and I gotted you Christmassy card and your foto was just absolutely beautifuls.
    Nows next time I steals a pizza truck I will be sures to calls you so you can join in. ORRRRRRRR, we could just go has a beer anyways.


  12. Reuben:

    Your tongue is majestic. And congratulations on the award!

    Merry Christmas. Joy to the World!


  13. Your award is pretty cool. And thank you for the beautiful Christmas card
    Benny & Lily

  14. Thank you so much from Pippen for the awesome gifts!! She loved them and was so nice and shared with her brother!! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

  15. We hope you had a great Christmas! Lee and Phod


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