Thursday, September 13, 2012

My box from Garth! And a couple other things too

Friends, I no has been doing a lot of bloggings and face bookings lately. Mama has been very busy, she has about eleventy different jobs, she goes to schools, and she also has the important job of taking care of me, Reuben. And Leah and Hatfield too, I guesses. What this has to do with my computerings, you asks? Well, it is easier to reach the keyboard when I sits in Mama's lap, due to my correct-sized legs. So when I no has a good lap space to work on, I spends my hours sleeping and barking at Hatfield instead. I has a great responsibility for these things.

I gotted tired of how Mama no was providing me a lap to work in, so I fiercely barked at her until she throwed up her hands and said "ok, fine Reuben, we will go work on the bloggings now."

I mentioned the other day how i gotted another package in the mail - from Garth, for recognitions in his Silly Photo Contest! Here is the story of how I opened them.

I was busy with Blue Humpy Bed when Leah said "guess what Reuben, you has a package!"

I could make a unsavory joke here, but since I is a gentledog, I no will

And the next thing I knowed....

All of these things appeared before my eyes! Look, there is ornaments for the tree of Christmas, with my name on thems, and a trophy for my beautiful self, and a paper stamper and photos of handsome Garth! Now, maybe you is wondering what happened in between of when I was humping and when the gifts was on the table. So I will show you:

omfg new chewy!!!!1!1!!1!1
Yes it is true, another chewy for me, Reuben! Leah rudely teased me with it for eleventy years before I finally snatched it with my jaws of death.


 Once I gotted it, I was sure that Mama was trying to take it away. Why else she brought out the flashy beast? Obviously she was trying to distract me, but I no was having any of it.

Has I mentioned already about how this is mine?
I refused to show my handsome face to the flashy beast while I was getting acquainted with new chewy.

Notice how I does extra guardings of it with my right front paw
But I did a sneezing, and Mama gotted a picture of my tongue.

It is a marvelous tongue

Leah's favorite part was the soft fuzzies that came in the ornament box.

Why the packagings is always the best part for small peoples?

And look! Not only did I get a chewy, I gotted a chewy that will help with my dentals!

Eleventy times better than a teethbrush

Thank yous Garth and Garth's mama for a amazing box! 

Pee S: I gotted my first batch of thank yous cards sent to my lovely friends who helped with me and Hatfield's chipin. It was an ordeal of epic proporionings. I included with all of the letters a 4x6 signed photo of me, Reuben. Does you know how many stores Mama had to visit to find a box of 4x6 cards? 


Yes, five stores. And still she no founded exactly the right thing. She had to buy half the cards from one store, and half from another, but then the antelopes envelopes was too small, so she had to buy two things of party invitations from another store, just for the 4x6 antelopes envelopes. Probably now we will has a party, since we has so many blank invitations! Sadly, we no has any antelopes envelopes to send them in. Then she ranned out of stamps and had to go to another store for those too.

The moral of this story is..... um..... 
The moral of this story is that the amount of bacons you give Reuben no is ever enough, even when you think it is.  You should give Reuben more bacons.

PeePeeS: I gotted my backpack from Sarge for schools, but I no went! I missed Blogville schools but it NO IS my fault. I will explain next time. 


  1. Holy macaroni! We wonder if mom ignores you anymore, will you get more boxes of stuff
    Benny & Lily

  2. What a wonderful day for you Reuben. I sure hope that chewy takes good care of your teeth!

    Tanya and Misty the miniature long haired Dachshund

  3. OMD OMD OMD. That is an awesome package! Treats and toys and things with your name on it?!? Life is good!

  4. FANGtastic Pressie Package fur you Rueben.
    Sorry your mom had so much trubble finding the right sized cards and antelopes.
    PeeS.. I say DOUBLE the BACON fur Rueben.

  5. I only wish I had a Fling 'N Floss, because I had NO FUN when I had my teeths cleaned earlier this week at the vet's office.

    Reuben? You crack me up.

  6. What a lovely post, Reuben! I'm so glad you liked your prize package. I love how you are holding on to that chewy!

    your pal,


  7. Ahhh Reuben, you crack us up! And believe me, we needed a good laugh tonight. (Mommy's still really upset at Grandpa.)

    What a cool bunch of loot you received from Garth! We really love the ornaments for the tree of Christmas. They are gonna be that special thing that makes the tree of Christmas complete!

    Great story about the notes and 'lopes.

    Your backpack is really nice. Muffin and I were stuck in the Principals Office most of the day so technically we didn't attend school either.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. I love your backpack anyway, even if you didn't get to school. Cool pressies, the ornaments is so pretty and nothing like a new toy, I always say.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. What a great package! Ours was great, too. Your backpack is purrfect fur you with the Security Officer patch on it. Too bad we missed you at school. Have a great weekend with lots more BACONS! xoxo

  10. Great moral!

    You sure got some cool stuff in that parcel. Make sure Hatfield stays AWAY!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. That sure does look like a nice chewy! And you are guarding it very well. :)


  12. Wow Reuben that is one coll swag bag from Garth. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. What a wonderful care package! I bet this more than makes up for your mama working so much Reuben.

  14. Bwhahahahaha...dude, you so crack me up dat I peed all overs myself...and I is in da good chair too.
    Dat was such a most fab pressie package you gotted. I loves all of it. I like totally agrres dat it would be way betters to play withs a toy rathers than use a teefbrush...shudder.
    Nows, dis is just my expert opinion....HAS A PAWTY and invite me and I brings bacon.

    PS: you has a cute girl

  15. Coolest box ever.

    I doubt this even makes up for your momma NOT taking care of business.. Jeez the nerve of that lady!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  16. Oh, wow! I like ur photos. U has a cute!! :)

    (P.S. I follow ur blog now.)

  17. What wonderful mails you had got! Nice backpack and besides, who needs school when you're already smart :)

  18. Dear Reuben,

    It is shocking that your person doesn't make enough lap time for you and your keyboard. But on the wagging side you got an awesome box of things! You are a lucky Dog!

    And... wait... did you say BACON??


  19. You need to get ya self a new secretary..I fired mine..bol Popped over from Molly the Wally to say Hi..You sure got some great swag there! xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie


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