Saturday, August 18, 2012

Update on my surgicals

Well friends, I gots both good newses and bad newses about the dental surgicals I had on Thursday. Here the good newses is: I gotted to keep all nine of my glorious tooths, and losted not even a single one.

This is me, trying to make a breaking for it.

But instead the nurse gotted me, as you can see.
So Snaggletooth and all of the others is safe. The doctor putted some stuff on my fistulas to close them up too. However, I no has been able to enjoy my nice clean tooths, for I is so very sick from the sleepy medicines they gaved me.

When I first camed home I paced back and forth and whined to alert Mama to the fact that I was about to start some pukings. But it no worked, and so I did many, many pukings all over her bed. Then I throwed up a hairball the size of a tennis ball. It was the biggest hairball Mama ever sawed in her life! She called the vet and they said it was a head-scratcher. Mama scratched her head too, until she discovered all the brown fuzzy fluff from blue Humpy Bed that was strewn all about the floor. Before my surgicals I ated a ton of Humpy Bed stuffing, I has now been busted for that.

That night (Thursday) I no wanted to chase the kitty, chew my chewy, pee on things or has a treat. In fact, I no wanted to eat at all, which is very unlike my stoutly robust self. Mama had a great worry, especially when I no would eat the next morning, and she took me back to Vet for a shot to fix my stomach.

I is all out of floppy tongue joy.
Now it is Saturday morning, and still I no has eated a single thing since Wednesday night. I no has been moving much either. Mama uses blue Humpy Bed (who is now pretty well de-stuffed) to make me more portable; she carries me outside to pee and into the kitchen so I can drinks some waters. I no seems to be in pain to her, but I looks like I is in a different world. A floaty, anistheesius kind of world. I is on my back with my foots in the air and my tongue flopping out.

Vet gave Mama a few medicines to start me on today, but she no can does that until I decides I want to eat something. Now if you will do excusings of me, I is going back to my sleepy medicine world....zzzzzzz.....


  1. Reuben,
    I really really hope you feel yourself soon. This is why I brush my little girls teeth even though she didn't like it at first. I found some yummy flavors of enzyme toothpaste that she likes though. She didn't feel good after her one and only dental cleaning anesthesia either although maybe because she was only 2 1/2 she perked up on day 3.She's now 5 and her teeth are still good. Those denta sticks and denta bones didn't work for her.

    Praying that you feel good enough to eat today.

    Tanya, mom to Misty the long haired miniature dachshund

  2. Oh I hope you are feeling better today! I am glad you got to keep you teeth. when I don't feel so good, I only ate food out of my Momma's hand, maybe she can hand feed you some just to make you feel a little better. Oh, we are thinking about you!!

  3. aww, I'm sorry, I really hope you get better. :( Don't worry, I won't let you get any worse.

  4. Reuben wake up pal. We hope the sleepy medicine has worn off now. Take care and we send you healing paw.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Poor Reuben! I hope you start to wake up and feel better soon.


  6. Glad you got to keep Snaggletooth and the 8 other teeth. Hope you threw up all of the bed stuffing and feel better soon!

  7. Good news about Snaggletooth, we hope you can use it soon!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    maybe you need a fresh that's still running around.

  8. We is still purring hard fur you, Reuben! XOXO

  9. You're lucky to keeps all your tooths!! Especially the snaggle one... Awaken soon Reuben because we wants you back with more FLOPPY TONGUE JOY!!

  10. oh my goodness you must eat little one. Have a good sleep and we will keep our paws crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  11. Ah poor Reuben.... We are so thankful that you got to keep all of your teeth. That is just wonderful news. Butt we is so sad to hear you didn't tolerate the sleepy med's very well. We're hoping that you will be back to your fun loving self really soon.

    Lily Belle


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