Saturday, July 14, 2012

Outtakes from my last photo shoot

As I is sure my dogblogger friends already knows, it often takes many many clicks of the cameras to get a couple of lovely pictures. This is especially true for me, since I has a Master's Degree in Camera Avoidance. In my last photo shoot I was surprisingly good, but even still Mama has taked some less-than-perfect pictures.

Yeah, right Mama... this no is happening. EVER.

Hold on, I gots to go sniff this thing over here.

Well, you should has had your shutter speed on high, Mama! Is your fault! And move your toes too!

I is starting to doubt your photography skills Mama. Was you even looking through the viewfinder?

Hold on, I gots to smell this other thing.

Hatfield get out of here! This is my photo shoot, MINE! Close the door!

Well this is a pretty good shot Mama, except for the PILE OF JUNK in the corner.

I think Mama needs to go back to photographings school!


  1. Outtakes are the best! I live your crooked glasses!

  2. We love the bloopers!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  3. We love outtakes! These are pawsome! (it makes our Mommy feel just a tiny bit better bout her photography)

  4. Oh how well I know those oopsie photos. Ours usually get deleted. My goodness, that blurry one. You must be super zoomie fast.


  5. Oh my god!!!!! So awesome! I'm so lazy that I hardly ever comment on blog's these days. But that first pic made me laugh so freaking hard. It's great to start the day that way. :). Reuben, you're a cutie! And your mama is brilliant!

  6. Wonderful photos. Now I see why I don't have good ones of my lovey. I just don't take enough. LOL



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