Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My big and brave adventure at Joaquin's taco truck

Guess what I has had today! Yes it is true - I has had a big adventure! Mama tooked me to a magical place called a "taco truck."  I no had a knowledge that such a fantastic thing exists! All you gots to do is go up to the window and say "Yes, I would like one of each for my dog, Reuben. And please you can throw in some nachos and cheese too, and guacamole?"

Ok, ok, so Mama no gotted me any tacos, though she rudely gotted one for herself, and I helped with the eatings. She was so busy not ordering me any tacos that she forgotted to take a picture of the actual truck, so she borrowed this one from the internets.

Internets is very helpful.

We had to park the car far away, for these particular tacos has many populars. For this, I no has an understand. It is a truck, and it has wheels, so why it no came to my house? I plans to take this matter up with Joaquin. 

Mama? Please I can go drink from the magical gravy river?

We crossed great deserts and valleys.

How I is supposed to know which is the wrong side of the tracks?

After many days, and even minutes, of walkings, we finally came to the right place.

Please I can has latte with my tacos? 

Mama ordered no tacos for me, then we sat down to do some people watchings.

Well hello there stranger, did you bring me any tacos?

Mama gaved me some taco pieces, and they was delicious (even if they was vegetarian). I ated them so fast there no was time for a picture. I think some beans and cilantro was involved. It was very very very hot outside, and so after Mama gaved me some water, we walked the long journey back to the air conditioned car.

Look how hot I is! My tongue is flopping everywhere!

When we got home I was exhausted from my big adventure. So I settled down in the correct place for me - on Mama's lap - and went to sleep.

After belly rubs, of course.
If ever you wants to go, you can gets all the informations on Joaquin's face books page!


  1. Wow, what a great adventure! You went for a ride, a walkie, and got some yummy tacos. They are delish fur sure and I love them too. Maybe next time the taco truck guy will give you one of your very own!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Tacos? Tacos?? Did someone say Tacos????

    Lily Belle


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