Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Big Brave Mountain Adventure #2

Friends, I no is a fan of Easters. This giant bunny broked into our house and left cookies for Leah, and no cookies for me. Why Mama and Daddy allows this to happen? Why they no turned on the house alarm last night to catch that intruding rabbit? I no is very impressed with this holiday.

Don't mind me; I is just sitting here with no treats.

Anyways, what I really wants to bark about is my Very Big Adventure in the Mountains! Last week we packed up the car and I got to go for a long, long ride. I brought my blue humpy bed (I hopes that Red no had a jealous!) and my blue chewy, which rode inside of The Crate. After we unpacked at the inn, I flopped right down into Mama's suitcase, and that is where I slept for the whole time we was there.

What do you mean "my crate is right there?"
What happened next was Mama, Daddy and Leah went out for some hikings, and they forgot to bring me! This was quite upsetting, and I voiced my concerns about this issue. I voiced for the whole time they was gone, and when they came back, the very nice innkeeper said some other peoples was complaining about my barkings. She said probably I should stay in the car when they all lefted the room, and Mama and Daddy's faces got all frowny. I no liked that idea either! But through some trials and errors, and some double-blinded studies too, we all discovered that they would, in fact, come back eventually. This gave me a great relief, so I limited my barkings to only when I saw any kind of person or animal.

What a good, vigilant dog I is!
I did get to take a lot of car rides though! Here is some of them:

I supervised the fireplace.

I practiced looking like Superman.

I contemplated taking a swim, but decided against it.

I explored the grounds of the inn.

I practiced my camouflages.

And of course, I did a lot of this:

And here is a picture of Mama, Daddy and Leah, which no includes me and therefore no is a very good picture:

Really, I spent a lot of time in the room and in the car. But since I had my suitcase bed and my blue chewy, and my blue humpy bed too, I was very comfortable and overall it was a very nice vacations.


  1. Yeah, it could have been worse....they might have left you at home, or at 'camp' where we stay.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Thats right ... they could've left you home or at camp and went without you. You is just toooo spoilt. lol

  3. They can does that?!?! That should be illegal!!!

  4. Reuben, first the bunny intrusion, then being left alone. Your people should be put on notice that these are not acceptable practices!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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