Sunday, April 29, 2012

I reveals my surprise... it no is what you was expecting!

Finally I gets a break from my extremely hectic schedule of chewings, peeings and vigilant sleepings. It is a lot of work to be me, Reuben! Probably someone should name their noble dachshund after me, since I is such a dignified and interesting kind of dog!

Ruby the Dachshund
Oh wait, someone DID name their dog after me!

Yes it is true - one of my Face Books admirers has adopted a beautiful senior rescue dachshund, like me, and named her Ruby, like me, Reuben! Fabre gotted this pretty lady from Furever Dachshund Rescue - she is 9 years old; has beautiful gray frostings, like me; and has fearsome tooths, also like me!

Grrrrr! She protects her new home with brave ferocities!

I no can say enough what very good dogs us senior rescues is. Many of us camed from a bad kind of situation - I did - and when we get adopted into loving forever homes, we appreciates it even more! Also our peoples appreciate all the moments we gets to spend together, for it is true what they says: every day is a gift. A gift of slurps, extreme adorableness and unconditional love! Us dachshunds is very good protectors too, so always we sleeps vigilantly, keeping one floppy ear open for intruders.

Here, Ruby is vigilantly awake!

And here Ruby is with her new family. They look like a very happy family to me. Even they has a mama, daddy and human sister - like me! (Also we has Hatfield the orange kitty, who no is my favorite). 


If you happens to be needing more dachshunds in your life - as most people do - Furever Dachshund Rescue needs some nice peoples to be foster dog parents, especially up in the Northeasts (I is looking at you, Aunt Dana!). My only request is that all your foster dogs is named either Reuben or Ruby in my honor.... What do you mean that sounds confusing? It sounds perfect to me!

Oh, and I is sorry if I has led you to believe that I was getting a new sister/girlfriend/life partner/nemesis. For reasons I no can understand, Mama says she would like to has another dog, in addition to me, which is hurting to my feelings. I plan to be unwelcoming to any new dogs who comes even near our house, and hopefully I continues to be an Only Dog! 


  1. Very commendable of you, Reuben, to try to find doxies new homes.....somewhere else...BOL! We're always happy to hear of doggies getting their forever homes...even if they've had to wait 9 years.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  2. My sister and her husband just took in a 10 year old, frosty faced girl named Madison! They are fostering her while she "interviews" for her FURever home! I hope they keeps her because she is so cute, with her swishy tail! I think today, since she is having her dental, she will have fearsome tooths also!!


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