Monday, February 20, 2012

My big and brave snow day!

Finally the snows has come to North Carolina! I was positive that I no would like the snows, or ever go in them, for I has a memory of the coldness of last year, and I no wants to repeat that. But since we has had such a warm winter, and still it is warm today, I has had an exciting adventure in the snows! The best way to show it, I is thinking, is with pictures:

I no is sure about this.

I was too busy being brave to actually go down the hill.

How warm this day is!

It is like "Where's Waldo," except it is "Where's Reuben?"

Here I bravely chases after Leah's sled!

I is a North Carolina sled dog!

I no complains about my wet belly even!

Look how good a climber I is!

Daddy, next time you goes hiking you needs to take me!

They says not to eat the brown snow. I agree, for here I tries to kick it all over.

What a noble dog!

Has I told you before that this pole is MINE?!

We has had a very fun time, and I was the bravest dog ever to go out in the snows with no sweater even! Mama and Daddy and Leah had to stop sledding when all the snows turned to muds. So now I is inside on my comfy bed, enjoying the suns that melted all the snows this morning. I hope you has all had a good snow day too! But only if you has had snow.

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