Friday, December 2, 2011

Today I is engaging in sabotage

I has received some worrisome news this morning. Mama said she is having something called a "job interview" today. I no has all the details, but I is thinking it will mean less belly rubs, fewer warm laps, and not as many long walks where I can sniff and pee on everything I want. 

I remembers when Mama was having this "job," and that is exactly what happened before! Why she wants to leave me alone with Gretchen all day long? I did my wiggly happy dance when her store closed down and she gotted to spend many many days with me in her lap. I is in her lap right now. Where I will sleep all day if Mama is at this "job?"

This is the correct place for me.

From there it gets worse, even. If Mama and Daddy is having more monies, maybe they will be going to more shows and restaurants and other places where dogs is not allowed. I no can let this happen.

So here is my idea: when Mama no is looking, I is going to roll around on all her nice clothes and pee on them too. I will get Hatfield the cat to pull them down from the closets, then I will go to work. Maybe I will poop on them too. I will see how I feel at that time.

I is an excellent roller.

I will keep you posted on this sabotaging operation. I no can let Mama return to works! She's my Mama, MINE! All MINE!


  1. Ceili is in my lap right now. She says she understands. If mommy gets job, you might find that some people in the house will be less stressed. If you give her a kiss on the face, try not to mess up anything. Wanda

  2. Well, you is having a point Wanda. I tries to keep that in mind.


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