Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmases, everyone!

I hopes everyone had a excellent Christmas or other pertinent holiday. I did! 

I gotted a new Chewy...

Here I growls real hard at Daddy.

I ated some peanut butter...

Why this treat is so difficult?

It gave me some thirsties, so I drank some water...

That feels better.

Then I ated some turkies. Except I ate them so fast that Mama no had a chance to take a picture. I has to eat them fast, or Gretchen might steal my turkies! MINE!

Then we all went out to the farm, where Gretchen was very rude to the other family dogs, Lizzy, Buffy and Maisy. I is thinking she has a jealousy for other girl dogs, since I is so handsome. I took a nice long walk with no leash.

Does you see me? I is in the middle, doing camouflage!

Leah gotted a very big present with some sleds in it. I no is sure of the implications for me and Gretchen if we gets some snow. On one paw, it would keep my belly warm when I takes a walk, and gives my legs a nice rest. I could just get out of the sled to do my peeings, then get right back in! On the other paw, I has a worry that Leah will push me down a big hill in the park. If she does, I surely will pee in her sleds. All three of them.

Mama and Daddy wants to sled, too.

I had some intestinal discomforts in Daddy's car. Probably due to the very large numbers of turkies I ate, and all of the other things that people were feeding me, or that felled on the floor. Daddy said he could not find all of his Christmas spirits after that happened. Always I is a very good dog and Gretchen is the pooper. See the crate in the background of Leah's picture? It is Gretchen in there, and it is because she is a pooper. So as you can see, I is still the better dog.

Gretchen gotted an octopus Chewy in her stocking, but she no has an interest and it is too puffy for my tastes. Hatfield gotted a catnip shrimp on a string. Kitties is so very strange.

Today I has a very busy schedule of napping, peeing on things outside, and catching foodstuffs that fall onto the floor. Time to get to work! Merry Christmases, everyone!

This is where Hatfield spent Christmas.


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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