Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helpful? Why yes, I is.

You may not be knowing this about me, but I is an extremely helpful dog. For example, when Mama cleans the kitchen, I stay right by her foots the whole time so I catches all the delicious foodstuffs that fall off the counter. I eats them, and due to my diligent and delicious work, Mama no has much to sweep off the floor. 

I is very patient!

Another way I is very helpful is at laundry-folding time. When Leah and Mama sit down to fold, I rolls all over the piles that they has already done. Also the piles they has not done yet. Of course it is very important for my scent to be on everything in the house, yard and neighborhood. I is a little frustrated that the stupid laundries keep getting cleaned. It must be out of Mama's control, because she has to know how much works it is for me to re-scent all the clothes, sheets and towels. I think she is having an epic battle with the one they calls "Washing Machine." She puts the laundries in dirty, but the Machine always wins by spitting the clothes back out clean. I can only imagine Mama's frustrations with this.

My works is never-ending.

Oh, I almost forgot about vacuums! "Vacuums" is a very strange word to begin with. Why it has two "u"'s? But beyond that, the Vacuum Cleaner is a formidable foe, and mysterious as well. Being the strong, brave wiener dog that I is, I no has a frightened of it. In fact, I stay right behind Mama's foots the whole time she is pushing the vacuum, just in casing she is needing me to jump out and give the Vacuum a taste of my fearsome tooths. I always make an appearance when I hear the vacuum start - the world is a very dangerous place, and I must keep my family safe, no matter what hardships I has because of it. I could be sleeping vigilantly instead of doing any of these chores, but I does not. That is the kind of helpful dog I is.

This is me, right before I eated this pumpkin.
After I eated it, the vacuum came out of hiding.

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