Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This morning, I has some sad news

It is true that Kanga no was my best buddy, most of the times. But how I loved to bark at her and scare her with my big mean scary wiener dog bark. Last night our neighbor came over and told Daddy the very sad news that Kanga has went to the Great Beyond. I no has a knowledge of what attacked her, maybe a very mean dog or raccoons, who has been hanging around here lots and frankly I no likes the looks of them. I is a little mad at myself because I no was there to protect Kanga. But she was next door in the neighbors' yard, where she was very much of the time, and I no is allowed to go there. Kevin and Diane fed Kanga lots of noms, and they petted her and she sat on their car a lot. And rolled in their driveway. 

Mama, Daddy and Leah all has a sadness today. Also does Hatfield. Again, I no is a big fan of orange kitties, but as you can see, sometimes I lets my guard down and has a comfortable with them: 

Kanga had very good insulation, like me.

I will miss Kanga. She loved food, like me. Mama said that in college she talked to a pet psychic (they prefer the term "animal communicator"). She wanted to make Hatfield stop spraying all over the house, and he no had an interest in that. Then Mama asked Kanga to stop eating so much. And Kanga said, "Why I would do that?" That is a smart kitty, if you asks me. I hope she is having many happies and making lots of biscuits on a soft, warm blankie. Happy trails, Kanga.


  1. Really sad to hear about Kanga! Great shot though and great post! thanks for the comment, i look forward to following your blog :)

  2. To you, Rod, I give thank yous. I is reading your dogblog as well!


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