Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adoption Fair!

Today Mama and People Sister wented on a adventure. Unfortunately it no involved me, but in fact you will come to see that this place no was the right place for me.

My, that is a lot of doxies.

Yes friends, it was adoption fair for Almost Home Dachshund Rescue! I has already been adopted, of course, so this no is the place for me. Mama does some website works for Almost Home, which is like nothing compared to all of the hard works that the foster moms does. In fact, one of the foster mamas has 22 dachshunds right now. Does you know how many we has? One. Me, Reuben. And I sleeps most of the time and I always go potty outside. However, despite the Rule of One I has instituted in my house, People Sister became very enamored of a certain Mr. Snoots today:

Noooooo Mr. Snoots, she is MY people sister! 
Mr. Snoots has become something of a local celebrity here in Greensboro, NC. At the very dignified age of approximately eleventy thousand years old, he finded himself in a shelter after being liberated from a horrible puppy mill. As if this no was bad enough, a shelter volunteer accidentally putted a very big dog in the same area as Mr. Snoots, who attacked his personal self. Oh, the humanities! Mr. Snoots suffered a broken leg and now you can see his little blue cast on his back right leg in the photo above. Also he losted ALL of his tooths in that despicable puppy mill. Frankly I has a jealous at seeing this picture of People Sister with Mr. Snoots, but she really really really loved him, like a whole lot, and since I is Mama's boy I guess I is ok with that. Anyways, Mama is thinking hard that she may want to take him home to live in Reuben's very own house! Oh, even more humanities! I will keep a close eye on this situation as it develops.

There he is again. 

Also at the adoption fair was 3 dogs who was just rescued by Unchain Forsyth, a local group that raises monies and gets volunteers to build fences for peoples who no has enough monies for dog fences. That means that dogs who was living on chains outside now gets to has no more chains. It is a beautiful thing. So these volunteers was building a fence when they looked over into the neighbors' backyard and sawed 3 doxies who was chained up on HORRIBLE, HEAVY chains, 24/7, in all weathers.

Unchain Forsyth is breaking dogs free
Also they sawed that their mama was chained up on the porch of the trailer, and at first they was only able to rescue her three childrens. But then they wented back and convinced the owner to surrender their mama too.

They is safe now!

So now Almost Home Dachshund Rescue is raising monies to help with their vet bills, since at least two of thems is heartworm positive and they all had to be fully vetted and spayed/neutered. So if you is having a few extra green papers, this is the place where you can donates some of them to help Dora, Scrappy and Daisy. 

Here is some more photos from the adoption fair:

This is Reuben, reminding you to adopt, not shop! 


  1. Oh Reuben,

    We thank the lord for beautiful people who help dawgs that find themselves in these kind of ugly predicaments. Big HUGS to all the rescue worker and foster peeps and kind peeps like your peeps too! We wish good homes to as many of those doxies as possibles!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. Uh oh, Reuben. We think you may have to move over and get a sibling....but you'd still be the boss. Maybe they can find one that doesn't want your toys or humpy beds....

    We're so happy there are peeps out there that will help pups!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Love it Reuben Adopt Don't Shop. We are both adopted so we could not agree more. Bravo to all.
    Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh wow, Reuben, I can't believe one woman is fostering 22!! Excellent event!

  5. Of course you are the top doggie always, but that Mr. Snoots he sure is a sweetie. Of course we are used to big families here. Mom has a thing for doxies, she was very in love with a little doxie named Tiny many years ago who belonged to Daddy's aunt, Tiny lived to be 17. Sometimes mom thinks she would like a doxie in the future but there are so many breeds that she likes that sometimes she gets a bit torn

    urban hounds

  6. ADOPT don't SHOP !! THAT is a super Slogan. Blessings on groups like that which do their bestest to SAVE LIVES.

    This is a wonderful post, buddy.

  7. Hi Reuben, We know it is hard not to be jealous of the other dogs, but after reading Mr. Snoots story, we think he needs some love. These stories make us so sad, and we hope all the dogs find great homes. We love the charity to help build fences. That is great.

    Adopted not shopp-ed Lee and Phod

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  9. Thanks for sharing info on Almost Home Dachshund Rescue! They're helping so many adorable adoptable dogs. We really wish we could bring one or 2 more home. 2 dogs & 4 cats make it a full house right now. :)

    Reuben, it might be fun to have Mr. Snoots come live with you, he could be your very own minion! He could get you extra treats for hanging out with him, maybe even more bacons!

  10. We love this post and hope all of those precious pups find a good, loving home.
    Well done Reuben!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. What a wonderful event filled with loves. I hope a bunch of those gorgeous doggies found new forever homes. Concerning Mr. Snoops..... Well.... Love is love, Reuben. It's a powerful force. Hide your toys and guard your treats, just in case he moves in.

    Love and licks,

  12. Reuben
    Mom and I are so thankful the Doxies volunteers have all the sweet babies safe and sound and in a loving shelter awaiting adoption.
    One of our neighbors adopted a precious lady Doxie from a similar situation. when the brought her home she didn't even know how to play with toys and was afraid of everything. BUTTTTTT oh my Doxies now she is Queen of all her domain, 100% confident and loves greeting visitors with her Doxie-tude.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Oh dude, what is that Mr. Snoots doin' with your Sissy??! Holy Cow Patties!!!!
    Wells, he is kinda cute...NOT as ManTastic as YOU, mind you, butts he does have a little somethin' goin' on.
    I thinks you two might gets along just long as Mr. Snoots KNOWS that your Handsome self is King of the Castle, then all will be fines.
    Kudos to 'your' rescue!! Boys that is pawsome! I hopes all the doggies gets furever homes real soon!
    I likes the 'un chains' campaign! Could not agree mores!! Loves it.
    Ruby ♥

  14. Dear Reuben,

    If you had made this post a while ago, say back when Nature was making Winter or Spring, I would have said - OH NO! NO MORE DOGS IN YOUR HOUSE! THAT'S NOT FAIR!

    But now, in this season when Nature is making Summer, I must admit that I have changed my mind. I am Rescue Dog, you see, and my new (mostly) friend Ojo is also Rescue Dog. She joined us very recently. At first I was very not-sure about this, and sometimes she is still very annoying, but...

    Okay, I admit it, I am most of the time very happy to have her here.

    You see, the people play a game that goes like this: Ojo needs to learn something like lying down in her bed. When she lies down she gets a treat. Then I get a treat for being good while she's getting a treat.

    Ojo sits. She gets a treat. Then I get a treat.

    Ojo treat, Cobi treat. Ojo treat, Cobi treat.

    Oh boy! Now whenever the people ask Ojo to do something I get excited. Now whenever the people give Ojo food, I get excited. Why? Because I'm going to get a treat too!

    So it's been amazing having Ojo here. She makes the people dispense food. This is very good.

    So, if your people have room in their lives for a new Rescue Dog, first of all they are pawesome people. And you would be a pawesome Dog too for sharing your home. Second, maybe if you're lucky they will play a game like this too! And if you're super-lucky, there will be bacon involved.

    Mmmm.... bacon...


  15. Mommy can't even think what to say right now because the tears for those little puppers flow. (Can you imagine, my Mommy wordless!)

    Thank God for the RESCUES!!!!!!!!! We hope and pray that some of these little one's found EXCELLENT and LOVING homes!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. Oh Reuben - I think you would be a wonderful big brother!
    And Mr. Snoots sure could use a loving family!
    Hope to hear that he becomes your little brother soon :)

  17. Oh my goodness! We can see why your people sister fell in love with Mr. Snoots, Reuben. Of course, no matter what happens, you will always be number ONE! Thanks goodness for the wonderful people who work so hard to rescue these poor pups. If only ALL humans were kinder so it wouldn't be necessary.

    Susan and Wrigs

  18. Well Reuben my mom just loved this post and was so happy to see the little doxies finding homes, BUT I am a little worried Reuben cos the same thing kinda happened at my house, SEE I WAS ONCE uno one pug forever in my moms heart, the only rescue pug she had ever had or wanted and then Sammer came to live with us, and then Aunt Trudie from her horrible horrible puppy mill, then they went to live at the bridge, and now Gangsta #1 and #2 live with us, pugs pugs says i still am No. ! but some days it feels like NO. 3!!!! You need to be very very worried.
    stella rose

  19. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of this adoption event. So many cute little ones looking for their forever homes and we hope they all did. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals


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