Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A box of chewies and treats for Reuben!

Friends, the lady in the blue pants rang my doorbell and ranned away yesterday, AGAIN. I was very busy with my nap and I no appreciated the interruption, for of course my resounding barks was required. But when I sawed what she left on my porch, I was glad instead! I is so proud to has winned a prize in Gizmo and Finn's illustrious Parking Day, and here is some photos of the floppy tongue joy this box broughted to me. 

People sister helped me open the box.

OMD what it is? Is it mine?


Hold on a minute, I wants that thingy too!

Seriously, people sister - this NO IS COOL.

You asked for it - THE BITEY FACE,

If I sit on them, they becomes mine forever.
chewys... treats... they're all here! 'sigh'

It is hard to see in this photo, but next to the Kong treats is a dog poop bag dispenser. People sister thoughted it was so neat that we went for a walk to test it out right away! (It was still Mama's job to clean up the poop though). It has been raining here for about eleventy hundred days, and it was just the right moment in between of the showers too. 

OMD, this is so embarassing.
I  kicked really hard to cover it up.

But Mama still finded it and putted it in this bag. The poop, I means.

This is a gratuitous photo of my personal Self being stubborn on my walk. Boyz 2 Men was WRONG when they said we comed to the end of the road.

So thank you very much, Gizmo and Finn. I love my stuffs and you is both Good Dogs.

Now, friends, I has a few things I want to does remindings of. One of thems is that MY book, the one I wroted with my own two paws (and like almost no helps from Mama), is going to be featured in the grand openings of the Pet Blogger Mall!  Soon there will be a big store on the internets that sells all kinds of stuffs made by pet bloggers like myself. This place is gonna be so pawsome - can you imagine the possibilities for that strange time of year when peoples bring trees into the house and expect you to no pee on them? So go subscribe to the mall blog so you can gets all the details as they happens. 

Here is my next announcing: this very Saturday, May 11, is the North Carolina Wiener Roast.  Held annually at Castle McCullough (seriously, it is a flipping castle), it is the best and biggest dachshund party that ever there has been in the whole entire world. I mean, out of all the ones I has attended. Okay, this is the only one I has attended. And it was basically the funnest day ever. And this year I will be there again, sitting on my very own table, selling copies of my book! I knows that Garth Riley will be stopping by to say hello, and if any others of my friends is semi-near to Greensboro, NC, you should come too (I's looking at you, Madi!). Proceeds from this lovely event will goes to Almost Home Dachshund Rescue  and Dachshund Rescue of North America. I promise to no pee on you or even try to dead you if you comes to visit me there. Of course, it will help if you brings treats. 

Best.... day..... ever!!!


  1. what a fun box!! we love presents :) we wish we were a bit closer so we could attend the NC Wiener roast!! it looks so fun and i know you'll have a blast! doxie power!

  2. OMD those were Supreme Prize Pressies from Gizmo and Finn!!! YOU are soooooo lucky Reuben.
    WE are so excited about the mall that WE are having trouble NOT making pee pee when we think of it.
    OOoooooo Reuben you will have some MAJOR fun at that super event!!

  3. Reuben you are the most awesome dog ever! Frank, Beans, Howard, and Harry from High Point can't wait to meet you this Saturday! We love you!

    1. How exciting! You gots a lot of dogs there, surely they will keep you busy for the whole entire of the festivals. I looks forward to meeting you and the boys!

  4. Always with the poop bags. I try to hide mine too and then momma gets grouchy about having to sift through green growing things to get at it. Just nutty, if you ask me.

    Your growly face is quite alarming.


  5. Ooh, what a nice package! I bet you well have lots of fun with those toys!


  6. Getting mail is so great! You are lucky Reuben! Lee and Phod

  7. You lucky dog!! Look at that box. Cute bag dispenser
    Benny & Lily

  8. What a great box of treats and great furriends, too. So smart of you to make the humans try out the poop bag dispenser immediately! HahahaMeow!

  9. Reuben congratulations on all the cool stuff you got! I have a bag dispenser also, but it is pink. I can't wait to shop at the mall.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Just don't get roasted! What a great prize, Congratulations!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  11. Great prize Reuben. Do let us know when the kindle version will be available and we are so downloading it. Can't wait. Good luck with the book signing but we know it is going to go well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. OMD...WHY does them people sister's has to take sooooooo long helpin' us with our pressies...I just bouts pass out everytime waitin'. But it was definitely worth da wait cuz you gots some awesome loot!
    Funny, I not covers up my crap but my brudder does. Is dat just a boy thing?


  13. Those are just the cutest pictures of you and your sissy

    urban hounds

  14. Nice score on the prezzie! You need to remind your little hooman that teasing is a no-no. Good thing you sat on your stuff to claim it!

    Have fun this weekend. Mom needs to take lot's and lot's of pictures.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Looks like somepup is being very spoiled!
    Good luck selling your book at the mall, we must check it out.
    Love the walk, is there nothing they won't take photos of?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  16. Oh Reuben I'z so glad you liked your prezzies...and congrats on getting your book into the Mall Grand Opening...that's gonna be a huge day fur all of us *highpaws*

  17. Awesome prizes! I sure do wish I could see you at your very own author booth at the wiener festival! I think you and your book will be a big hit.

    Love and licks,

  18. Congratulations on scoring all those great prizes, Reuben! Wish we were in your neighborhood so we could visit you at the North Carolina Wiener Roast. Have fun!

    Susan and Wrigs

  19. Congrats on the chewies, squeekies and especially on your book! Wish we could make it to the Weiner Roast, it sounds awesome. :)


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