Sunday, February 17, 2013

A invasion of Reuben's home and attack on his chewies, plus some newses

This past week's adventuring involved me, my chewies, and a foster dog named Charlie.

This is the Charlie that I referred to earlier.
Notice how I is situated higher on the couch than he is. This is because I is top super mega alpha dog, and Charlie is annoying bed-pooping stuff-destroying not-alpha dog. Does you see my yellow squishy peanut here? Probably you no can even tells that it is a peanut on account of how Charlie chewied it to pieces! Here is some more of his handiworks. Or should I say, mouthyworks:

Not only was peanut defiled, but octopus as well.

Does you sees this?! It is my new humpy bed with holes chewed all up in it!

This was octopus B.C. (Before Charlie)
This was peanut B.C. Put it down people sister, it is MINE.

This was octopus and peanut, A.C. (After Charlie):


I is pleased to report that Charlie has caughted the mid-Atlantic wiener dog express and is now nice and comfy in his foster home with Furever Dachshund Rescue. He made a great exciting for the week, even though he pooped in some various beds and ran out the door on Mama's first day of work and she felled over trying to catch him and scraped her knee and went to first day of new job with bloody knee. And even though I is a very busy dog, perhaps I can make time in the futures for some short-term fosterings who I can boss around and show that I is alpha dog extreme. 

This brings me directly to my next point, and it is thusly: Mama has gotted new job at the public library! She is now library assistant, which she will does while she works on her master's degree. Also this means that between her works there, and the stuffs we does for Almost Home Dachshund Rescue, and her classes, and also time for ME (and people sister and Daddy), and hitting the gym (yeah right Mama, this is totally happening), she has very little time for me to sit in her lap while I types up my dogblog. And as we all knows, it is difficult for me to reach the numbers and letters on my internet-enabled typewriter unless I is sitting in her lap. 

So what all of this means? Well, it means I no will be around Blogville as much as I would like to bes. I tries to catch up on my friends' adventurings whenever I can, but there is so many of you and you is such prolific cat and dogbloggers, that always I is falling short of doing visitings of everyone I wants to see. And for this I has sorries, but there no is much I can does about it now. Also I would like to point out that my chewing and napping schedule has gotten way out of hand, not to mention my peeings. Oh, the peeings! So many peeings.

This is an example of how tired all of this makes me. I is a senior dog, after alls.

Love from me,



  1. I will miss your bloggies Reuben. You are one of my most favoritist. I hope mom's job goes well, sounds wonderful to gets to work at a library.

    Tanya and Misty the long haired miniature dachshund

  2. Hi Reuben,

    I'm so sorry Charlie chewed up peanut and octopus and your new humpy bed! But it was very nice of you to give him a place to stay for a little while. It sounds like your momma is doing a lot these days, so we completely understand if you can't blog and visit as much. But it's very exciting for your mom - tell her congratulations on her new job and best of luck in her schoolings! I bet you're a great study partner! (Hint: all you have to do is curl up somewhere near her when she is studying - your mere presence will make her absorb information faster and better!)

    Take care buddy!

    your pal,

  3. Congratulations to your MOM.... butt we think that she SHOULD SEE that there is PLENTY of Blogville time fur YOU...

    We think your STUFFS were Safer BC.. than AC.

  4. No worries just keep amusing us with pup-dates from time to time. You make us chuckle. Still laughing over the spam post. We see you around when we do in the meantime you keep us up on the latest and greatest. Have a super dooper Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  5. We bet you are glad Charlie has gone to his new foster home while you still have some stuff left, BOL!
    It was nice of you to look after him Reuben and we wish him good luck.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Reuben, the nerve of that Charlie! Sounds like his next foster people will have their work cut out for them. Congratulations to your mama on her new job! It makes us tired just to read about all the things she has to do. Don't worry about making the rounds in Blogville, though we will miss you.

    Susan and Wrigs

  7. We will miss your handsome self around Blogville. But now that your Mama has a job, she can buy you NEW stuffies and toys (and treats), so it might not be too bad.

    We'll see you when we see you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. You knows we will always keep you in our good thoughts while you are absent from our computers. If anything really exciting happens, we will let you know. We will miss not seeing you on a regular basis Reubens, but sometimes our hoomans have to do busy, busy things.

    We think it's pawsome you had Charlie with you for a few days, but we're sorry to see he was so destructive. He probably wasn't use to living in a loving and caring home with nice things. We hope you taughted him some good lessons on how to be a good dog.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Dear Reuben,

    That all sounds like very happy news, even if we will miss hearing about your adventures all the time. By the way, sharing your home for a while with a Dog who does not have one makes you a hero, did you know that? You should be getting your medal any day now...

    Licks and wishes for happy peeing,

  10. Reuben, I will miss your handsome face. Your Mommy does lots of great things and you are lucky to have her. I understand about blogging but I hope I can see you sometimes.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Reuben, we understands about bz moms, butt well be here when you have a minute to stop by!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  12. Congratulations to your Mama! Wait, that didn't sound quite right... :)

    Hope you'll still do some postings, guess we might have to get a facebook account after all.

  13. We will miss you, Reuben! Our Mommy says she unnerstands busies! She gotted them once, too. MOL! Have a great week and don't work Mommy too hard. HaHaHaMeow!

  14. Oh Reuben ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog to see the continuing saga of Pip and Puddles. Sounds like your mom is a lady who has a very full life. I love the library. That is where I go to help little kids learn to read. I am a reader dog.
    Sweet William The Scot

  15. We will miss ya, but we understand. Our Lady has been busy and not letting us visit our friends either. Write when you have a chance. lee and phod

  16. I'm glad your foster friend found a foster home and that now you have all your toys back to yourself. Hooray!


  17. Weuben
    What an eventful week you had, but I'm so glad that you have yoow kingdom back even if yoow Mom pawson has so much business that yoo can't visit as much as yoo'd like. Just knowing that yoo awe all wight makes me happy and it's gweat that Chawlie gots to go one step closew to a fuwwevew home too.
    Smoochie kisses


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