Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A short waking from Hiber Nations

Friends, I no has been around much lately, as you may or no may has noticed. But this no means I has been in Hiber Nations this whole time. On the contraries, I has been a extremely brave and busy kind of dog! I helped daddy put out a fire, and I chased monster TURKIES in the forest, rode in the car and barked at stuffs with my head out the window, tried to run away on the farm, AND, I gotted a new fuzzy coat that makes me look like a cavedog, except I would much rather chews on it than wears it.

it totally has BONES on it! How it is possible to no chew on this sweater....

Oh. And this unfortunate incident was captured on films as well:

it no is what it looks like..... okay, maybe it is
BUT... does you want to know my favorite thing that has been happening? It is getting about eleventy billion Christmas cards from my dogblogging friends! Every day me and people sister open the new ones - like five a day! - and we displays the lovely cards all around the living room. It is getting REALLY festive in there, I tells you!

I no is forgetting about my secret santa, who no is a secret because I knows who it be, but I is a very careful shopper who takes a very long time to choose the best stuffs for packages. I does the same with my Christmas cardables too..... the longer you has to wait, the specialler it be, I thinks....?

Anyways, my long and greuling 12 hour hiber nation begins now, so I barks at you all again soon, and I no can wait to read of all the lovely things you guys has been doing lately! I know one of those things: it involves eleventy billion envelopes and one dry, floppy tongue. Seriously mama, they makes those little sponge-bottle things, it no is a new invention....


  1. Welcome back little one. We were so scared. When we looked at your picture we thought you were shaved or something
    Benny & Lily

  2. MOL! We couldn't figure out what was on your back til we started reading! Hope you have a great Thursday, Reuben. XOXO

  3. You've been VERY busy. We were afraid you had huge stitches or somethings on your back because you went to the VET. We're glad it's just a coat, though we don't like coats....

    We've got loads of Christmas Cards, too--and SHE just has two.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  4. Dear Reuben,

    I can tell - you're being a Good Dog too, aren't you? Especially with your patience for the funny things the people like to put on our bodies. I know Santa will be coming for you!

    But will he be coming for Hatfield?


  5. We has noticed, come back more often, Reuben! Your sweater is totally manly

  6. Good golly it seems like yo has been gone fur likes a million days. While I understand your need to need to hibernate and really be doin' udder things...don't stay gone so next time...geez.
    Nows I likes you jacket, I has always wanted more hairs...hehehe.

    I done sented offs your card.


  7. We took one look at your new jacket and thought to ourselves, Reubens been out hunting again! We thought maybe you deaded a racoon or something and made that jacket outta him. Either way, it looks wonderful on you.

    Have fun hibernating again!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Hey the Reuben - hey there u iz. Hiber Nashunz iz good - we wish we cood git our mom tue go there with us sumtimez butt she thinkz it iz more impawtent tue go tue that werk place. We love your new coat - what else cood u due BUTT chew on it. Now u can haza snack without waitin'on your peepz tue give it tue u. Oh an'that pikchure of u an'the kitty - we won't tell no onez.

    We haz alot of Christmas cardz tue - mom sez she haz 3 BUTT really she just haz ONE - the other 2 r really birthday cardz BUTT she countz them cuz she sez they come the same time az Christmas cardz. WHATEVER butt we know the truth.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

  9. WOW RUBEN ... your now Jacket is SUPER. WE think it looks FANGtastic on you. I know that ERNIE would be on those bones like a squirrel on a nut tree.

    Glad you are back.

  10. Woah, that coat is a little bit scary looking! I might try to chew on it too. :)


  11. I saw that same exact coat at Ross the other day and so I had to giggle when I saw you in it. I had imagined my Weens wearing it and they in my "mind" all told me uh uhh Momma. Cards are such a fun thing. We've gotten a few this year but haven't participated in most of our groups as years before. Still so much joy to open them and see the love. Maybe you will share a photo of all the love you've been getting. I love to see Christmas happiness in all forms. :)

    Sarah & the Weens

  12. I am glad you explained the first photo. I was not sure what had happened to you and thought perhaps you had morphed into some sort of wild animal / dachshund mutant doggie.


  13. Drop by, I've got something for you:)

  14. Hellos! Oooooh my card. Well, there be a story. You sees mum seen cards likes dat at Minted but they was VERY expensive and hers couldn't afford it. Sooooooo, hers founded a professional photographers lab dat does them in da special cut. So hers designed da card withs da little badgey/seal lookin' thing and had them print it.
    It be called Miller's Lab and you has to sign up through them. Mum just tolded them her was a professional photographer but hers ain't.
    Feel free to email you if you has questions.


  15. I love your cave dog sweater! I wonder if they make those lab-sized?

    I'm glad to hear you're getting so many cards. My momma hasn't even ORDERED ours yet - can you believe that? She has tried but has been frustrated by the websites of shutterfly, snapfish, tinyprints, etc.

    Are you familiar with the Adventureweiners' blog? I think you should be a featured Adventureweiner: !

    your pal,

  16. Our lady said she wants to go into Hiber Nation and get up in the spring. She also says she loves your coat . . . we always hope she doesn't notice these things.

    Have a great day! Lee and Phod


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