Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Foodstuffs Dance

Today I makes Mama take a break from her schoolings and let me do a post! I presents you with the lovely poem I wrote for the Bouncing Narrative Style event in the 2012 Olympicals. She says I no has time to write a big long post with lots of beautiful pictures of me. Something about her having a "8 page single-spaced paper" due "on Monday" that she "no has started writing yet." I no is a big fan of this whole graduate schools thing, but as long as I gets lots of lap time while she is writing, that works for me. 


The Foodstuffs Dance
by me, Reuben

Correct-sized legs is hard to bend,
and leaping no is my best friend.
My belly drags across the ground
and Mama says "Reuben, you is too round." 

Although I is big, my legs no is,
so instead of bouncing, I does this:
When it is time for me to eat
I gets excited in my feet!

My legs just starts to go and go 
and the next thing that I know
I goes into a kind of trance
And I performs the Foodstuffs Dance.

There's lots of shuffles to and fro,
My legs is moving fast, and so
I then begins the Foodstuffs Whine
and the Foodstuffs Bark - those foods is MINE!

And I continues, all a-quiver
Until the foodstuffs is delivered.
I nom it up so fast I cough
and then I goes to sleep it off.


  1. BOL! That is PAWSOME!


  2. That is the best poem ever :)

  3. How is it possible that we love you even more now after reading that totally fantastic poem!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. That was the greatest poem that I have ever read Reuben!!! I loved it! And I love your night night photo at the end! :-D

  5. Rueben you are a POET....
    I didn't Know It.
    Short legs are grrrreat and you truly SHOW it.

  6. Oh dear heavens dat is da most beautiful poem dat I has evers readed in my entire life. I had no idea you was da creative writin' type.
    You knows, when I eats, sometimes I nearly choke myself to death, I be all gaggin' and coughin just likes you. Dude, we just loves you to pieces furs makin; us giggle.

    Tells your mom good luck with her paper...graduste school will worth it in da long run.


  7. Enjoy your lap time Reuben! We won't mention that after schools is a nasty called works. Some works let the dogs come too though.

    Thanks you for the enjoyable poem.

    from your furfriend Misty the long haired miniature dachshund

  8. You summed it up perfectly in your poem.

    Good luck to your mum.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. OMG,'re a pawesome poet!

    The photo is also priceless.

    Keep on wagging,

  10. That is such a great poem! I love it! Maybe someday you will post a video of your foodstuffs dance.


  11. Oh Reuben, you made me laugh and laugh!

  12. Reuben,

    I didn't know you are a poet in addition to all of your other talents! That's a wonderful poem. You should post a video of the foodstuffs dance some time.

    Guess what! The NC Wiener Roast lady contacted my mom and mom is gonna' make the trophies for the NC Wiener Roast! I'm gonna' be a sponsor of the Roast, and mom says we're gonna' go to the Roast! I hope you'll be there. It sounds like a really cool event, so we're really excited about supporting it.

    your pal,

  13. What a great poem. :)
    I would love to see a video of you dance!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  14. Excellent poem, Reuben! We didn't know you was a poet and a dancer. MOL! Mommy says to say that we gots our card and pic. Our Nana was most jellus of it. Hahameow. Thank you fur sending it. XOXO

  15. Love it! You are an excellent poet. Hailey and Zaphod

  16. Bravo Bravo BOL BOL, I am choked up, that was wonderful.

    Loveys Sasha

  17. Another Bravo here too Reuben. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. Oh Reuben what a fantastic poet you are..Loved it :) xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  19. The dance sounds great! You're a really talented poeter!

  20. Oh wow, my hoomin friend went to graduate school too! She said it was fun. She used to write lots of papers, too. :)

  21. My dachshund, Hobbes, does a "circle dance" for food. It's his signature go-to move. He's hoping one day the repetitive circles will put my into some sort of hypnotism and i wont stop pouring the food into the bowl. Reuben is fantastic!



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